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The wide variety of B.C.’s own Bubblies!

Our local winemakers take full advantage of their own preferred varieties

Que Syrah, Syrah… or Shiraz?

Until Australia’s inventive winemakers decided to call their Syrah-based wines ‘Shiraz’, the…

Getting to know French Red wines

Here in North America, today, wine lovers are likely to start their…

Sample some of the intriguing wines from Italy

Tucked in between olive groves , in backyards, between churches and ancient monuments… there’s always a vineyard or two or even three

Strut through the summer sipping BC wines

There is such a small area of this beautiful province that is suitable for growing perfectly ripe wine grapes

Chile keeps pumping out fabulous values in wine

From north to south, Chile has diverse microclimates

Summery wines from the land downunder…

Tough to find an Australian Cabernet that could be more beautifully Barossa and more true to the variety’s heritage downunder

Not too soon to plan for 39th Vancouver Wine Festival

Canada turns 150 next year and the VIWF has invited the wine world to the party

WINE WISE: Rediscovering the wines of Spain

Spain is the world leader when it comes to land planted to wine grapes

Roses are white wines with red-berry attitude


Reds for the BBQ that won’t bust your budget

With barbeque season in full swing, it’s time to pick up a…

Favourite wines from the Rotary Wine & Blues Fest

Wine Wise with Doug Sloan

California Cabernet Sauvignons for Father’s Day

Father’s Day is June 19 - a week from Sunday - this…

Tune up for the annual Wine and Blues Fest

Wine Wise with Doug Sloan

Remarkable red wines from Chile

With all of its affordable quality red wines – wines so dependably…

Got the Blues? A little wine can help with that

Wine Wise with Doug Sloan

White wines of southern France can hold their own

White white wine lovers are still trying to figure out the difference…

Keeping it local – BC Rosé wines for Mother’s Day

Wine Wise with Doug Sloan

Full of zip and zing – Red Zinfandel!

Wine Wise with Doug Sloan