Donna Macdonald

Wanted: more women

Columnist Donna Macdonald says Canada is far behind many other countries in electing women.

COLUMN: Why even good mayors can’t do their jobs

Senior governments tax "billions of dollars out of communities and very little comes back to help run cities."

COLUMN: Counsel for council candidates (and voters)

What can voters expect from you? What do you need to be thinking about and preparing for?

COLUMN: Summertime work and play

I’ve been noticing that, at long last, “climate change” has slipped into the general vocabulary.

COLUMN: Making decisions for the future

Nelson councillor Donna Macdonald explains why she voted to approve the variances for the first phase of Nelson Landing

From UBCM with thanks

The issue of resources for municipal governments is building momentum.

Libraries — a bright future in Nelson

Anyone who thinks libraries are doomed like the dodo bird is dead wrong.

Budgets and bankruptcy

Last week I watched with horror the news story about San Jose, California.