Diane Davies

Winter storm batters Comox Valley

BC Hydro dealing with weather-related power outages

Face what makes you anxious

I walk everywhere. I know this is stupid, but I'm having the hardest time passing by people...It's so embarrassing...

Laying awake worrying won’t help hurting friend

I lay in bed and think about her suffering. Over and over in my mind I see and feel her hurt. I worry about what will happen for her...

Fighting depression without meds

I went to my doctor and he said that I was depressed. He wanted to put me on anti-depressant medication. I don't want to take any pills...

Worried about spending Christmas alone? Plenty of solo acitivies exist

For the first time ever, I'll be on my own for Christmas. I'm just dreading it. How does a person get through Christmas on their own?

Suffering from SAD

As the storms started last week, the sky darkened, and so did my feelings. I was feeling pretty good over the summer...

Nightmares aren’t just for children

Recognize that you are having these dreams because of stress...

Changing a family Christmas tradition can be hard

We have always had our whole family here for Christmas. That IS the tradition. I'm in shock that they would even consider this...

Learning to ‘deal with it’ easier said than done

I’m at the end of my rope. Six months ago I had surgery to address a medical issue I have. It didn’t cure the problem.

Sometimes you have to ‘stop smiling’ when saying ‘no’

If you have said “no” twice, and there is a third attempt to get you to do something, it is time to stop smiling.

How to say ‘no’ to something when it’s hard to do

Just because something is uncomfortable, doesn't mean that you can't do it. It just means that it is uncomfortable

Three ways to make a ‘profound’ difference in your stress level

My doctor said that I have to either learn to deal with the stress in my life or my health will continue to get worse...

How to deal with our sensitive feelings

How to deal with our own sensitivities, by looking at how we feel instead of jumping to conclusions

Five ways to make praise effective

We know that when people are given praise for their efforts, they do tend to feel better, and do better too. If you aren’t getting those results, it may be that the way in which you give praise may be in need some fine tuning.

Major behaviour changes in teenager are worrisome

It’s not unusual for teens to want to deal with things on their own. Their lack of experience though, can lead them to cope in ways that are not healthy, like alcohol abuse.