Deb Kozak

COLUMN: A story of friendship

Mayor Deb Kozak reflects on her recent trip to Japan.

COLUMN: Nelson’s discourse is intelligent, polite, and animated

Deb Kozak reflects on kindness and public discourse in our city.

COLUMN: 2016’s toughest issues: marijuana, panhandling, and housing

The beginning of a new year is both a time of personal contemplation and looking forward.

COLUMN: Nelson deserves a full range of housing options

Mayor Deb Kozak on design processes, Nelson Commons, short term rentals, and more.

COLUMN: Panhandling bylaw: ‘I don’t want to wait until 2017’

"We are not discussing pipes in the ground, but people, and that can get complicated."

COLUMN: What we talk about when we talk about politics

It may come as no surprise to you that politicians have no shortage of things to talk about.

COLUMN: The promise of a new year

A New Year, with all of its promise, has begun. There was so much activity in 2015 that the time flew by. 2016 is shaping up to be the same.

COLUMN: Doing the right thing, big or small

Mayor Deb Kozak on water restrictions, bear sculptures, and the bravery of the Nelson Police Department's Cst. David Laing.

COLUMN: Working on water conservation

The heat of summer has arrived for the second — or is it third time round? — and has all of us thinking about water conservation.

COLUMN: Looking at the big picture in policing

Nelson Mayor Deb Kozak comments on the visit from the Lieutenant Governor of BC, plus local policing.

COLUMN: Transportation task force sought

"The complex web of transit options from land, air and water deserve a closer look and a broader strategy."

COLUMN: With understanding comes progress

With fall comes a burst of activity as everyone gets back into routine and that is what your city council is doing as well.

COLUMN: Summertime and becoming an Intelligent Community

Summer in the Kootenays. Sunshine, cool water, festivals and friends make it the best place to staycation anytime, anywhere.

COLUMN: Community conversations are key

The Provincial Government recently proposed a Bill to create two zones for the Agricultural Land Reserve.

COLUMN: Changes are on the horizon at Hall Street

The Downtown Waterfront Committee met this week to look at the implementation of the first phase of the Hall Street Corridor.

What to do with water in Nelson?

I’m sitting in Vancouver airport waiting for a flight home. It has been a challenge with the weather in the Kootenays.

Governing through dialogue

I’ve been thinking a lot about conversations lately, especially in light of the heated council meeting

Spring a busy time for Nelson council

I’m coming to the end of the long weekend as I write this and it’s been a good one, full of activities in and out of Nelson.

Have your say on Nelson’s budget

Whenever I’m in another city, I like to learn about what the council of the day is doing.