Dawn Wilkinson

Volunteer: Help grant 1,000 wishes—three a day

You can help bring over 1,000 wishes to sick children. That means three heartfelt wishes a day.

Volunteers can be average or amazing–manager’s choice

Motivate your volunteers to 'be amazing.' Here are seven tips on how to do it.

Volunteer: New opportunities knocking

New nonprofit organizations have joined the KCR Volunteer Opportunities online listing.

Volunteer: Get healthy through volunteering

Volunteering can improve physical functioning that affects your heart as a muscle.

Volunteer: What motivates you: What Hat Will You Wear?

Find out what kind of activities or causes motivate you to be a volunteer.

Volunteer: Work and volunteering go together

Having a job doesn't stop anyone from volunteering their time to worthy causes.

Volunteer: Find your perfect volunteer match through online survey

As a volunteer you can receive volunteer e-matches by customizing your volunteer profile.

National volunteer week

Take the time to enjoy the volunteers in your organization and share them with us on the Volunteer Central Okanagan Facebook page.

Volunteer: PLAN Okanagan’s Trivia Night fundraiser needs you

Trivia Night is a fun evening for those 19 and older to test their knowledge of trivia while having a great time.

Volunteer Centre: Recognize volunteers in ways that matter

Different people like to be acknowledged for what they do in different ways.

Volunteer: Make a difference

Nonprofit organizations through the Okanagan are looking for people like you.

Wilkinson: Information about community social development grants

Volunteers columnist Dawn Wilkinson has information about Kelowna city grants that are available.

Nominate someone deserving

Why not honour a volunteer with a nomination for a City of Kelowna Civic and Community Award?

Volunteer Centre: Professional development for managers of volunteers

Overview of Volunteer Management workshop could meet your needs for helping your community.

Volunteer Centre: Great volunteering opportunity at the Kelowna Art Gallery

Volunteering as a docent with the Kelowna Art Gallery to work with the public and expand your knowledge of the visual arts.

Volunteering gives to the giver

Come to the Okanagan Volunteer Opportunities Fair on Saturday, Sept. 8, at Parkinson Recreation Centre, between 10 a.m. and 3 p.m.

Volunteer: Find your niche at Volunteer Fair

Kelowna Community Resources has set up a web-based resource where organizations can post job openings for prospective volunteers.

Businesses invited to participate in the Volunteer Fair

Community needs are changing with cutbacks in traditional funding and increased demand for services.

Volunteer: Raise awareness about multiple sclerosis

The Multiple Sclerosis (MS) Society of Canada Okanagan Chapter holds two major fundraising events each year.

Volunteer Centre: Help make medical equipment available

The Health Equipment Loan Program helps bring a sense of independence to people struggling to regain their health.