David Clements

Green Beat: Talking Trees

As an ecologist I am forever being surprised by new interactions that make the world even more interconnected than I thought

Light at the end of the tunnel

Instead of sailing off into the sunset, this morning I walked into the sunrise.

Green Beat: Beautiful mushrooms larger than life

Every year we go to the same spot on campus, hoping to see them. And there they were! Fungal wonder in full colour.

Green Beat: If oil gets taken out from under a forest, will anyone hear?

Columnist reflects on oil and the environment while visiting old growth forest in Michigan

Green Beat: Don’t forget to look up! Meteor showers are on the way

This year’s Perseid Meteor Shower is expected to be twice as thick as usual. The predicted peak dates are Aug. 11-12.

Wildfires and the human heart

Out of the disastrous Fort McMurray fire, a much bigger-hearted community image has been forged

Always discover the place you call home

You can’t escape your geography so embrace it, explore its sights and sounds as much as possible, says columnist

Green Beat: Spring has sprung and the frog research is hopping

Many signs in the natural world show that spring is already here

Green Beat: How to be a nature nut

I have fond memories of many Saturday mornings growing up in London, Ont. immersed in nature

Green Beat: The Christmas bird count tradition

Every year I look forward to taking part in a Christmas tradition involving birds — and I’m not talking turkeys.

Green Beat — Stewarding the environment one stream at a time

This is that wonderful time of year in Langley when the rain falls

Green Beat: climate change wake-up call

My son Luke tapped me on my shoulder saying “the sunrise is happening soon, if you want to see it.”

Green Beat – The race is on against rabbits

Jennifer Rumley's first sighting of a rabbit on Salt Spring Island was anything but good news for the young research scientist

Langley buildings take the LEED in going green

When lamenting about how we human beings are wasteful, what do you…

The electric thrill of owning a car

It’s so seductive, so liberating, so thrilling, why would you not yield to this lust?

Pail of paint a handy metaphor

It's all about green at David Clements' house

Planning a Langley ‘staycation’ this summer?

Enjoying a holiday close to home can be fun, educational and, best of all, green