Dan Albas

Albas: Prime Minister’s comments have encouraged illegal entry to Canada

Do you support the Safe Third Country agreement being lifted?

Column: MP Albas discusses federal debt

Weekly report from Dan Albas, Member of Parliament Report for Central Okanagan-Similkameen-Nicola

Kelowna-area MP takes cautious approach to upcoming Trump presidency

Dan Albas says the election of Donald Trump will have an impact on Canada. But so far, what that impact will be is not known.

MP’S Report: Can’t afford CPP increase

Local MP Dan Albas speaks out against expanding the Canadian Pension Plan.

Albas: Official Opposition a busy job

I was honoured to be named as the deputy critic for finance and by extension also a member of the finance committee.

Albas: MP chastizes Trudeau gov’t over carbon tax, mortgage qualifications

allowing provinces to take action in specific [real estate] hot spot regions … may be a more effective policy than a national change.

Albas: Supportive of LNG project for B.C.’s northwest region

Dan Albas says federal government made the right decision to sign off on the Pacific Northwest Liquefied Natural Gas project

MP’s Report: Liberals backtrack on environment commitments

Dan Albas says often criticized former Conservative government emission target levels now being adopted by new federal government.

Albas: Harper was ‘misunderstood’

What I most admired about Harper was that he was he not afraid to make decisions that were necessary for Canada’s long-term prosperity.

Albas: Citizens frustrated by thought of more taxes

Citizens deserve to be heard and your feedback will be shared once the House of Commons is back in session.

Albas: National carbon tax could be contentious

The B.C. carbon tax is revenue-neutral…in Alberta a carbon tax will increase the Alberta government’s ability to spend more revenues…

Albas: The concept of Internet neutrality

Local MP Dan Albas says online gambling blockage attempt by Quebec government being monitored closely by other provinces.

Albas: Express outrage over this tragedy to MPs, MLAs

For the family of the victim, Caesar Rosales, this sentence is a slap in the face…

Legal Ease: More than an employee: The making of a fiduciary

Canadian law recognizes that certain employees have duties beyond the usual: they have fiduciary duty.

Legal Ease: More than an employee: The making of a fiduciary

Canadian law recognizes that certain employees have duties beyond the usual: they have fiduciary duty.

Albas: Opening up provincial economic borders

Dan Albas regrets that legislation he introduced into Parliament was defeated by the Liberal house majority.

Albas: MP supports assisted dying bill, because constituents want it

I supported Bill C-14 after…hearing lots of direct comments and concerns from the citizens of Central Okanagan-Similkameen-Nicola.

Albas: Free the Beer across Canada

Support Free the Beer and removing inter-provincial trade barriers.

Examining options for democratic reform

Democracy is a way of life that we as Canadians value dearly and have protected this principle for almost 150 years.

Albas: Liberal government acting just like Conservatives before it

Liberal Government using precisely the same tactics as the previous Conservative Government used to advance legislation through the House.