Dale Boyd

Video: Broadway returns to Penticton

Broadway musicals are coming back to the stage in Penticton, including a few songs from the hit musical Hamilton.

Knife-point robbery at Penticton Shell

Police have no suspects after a robbery at knife-point occurred at the Penticton Shell on Jan. 6.

Children’s book looks to keep language alive

Clayton Gauthier never expected his children's book, The Salmon Run, to go as far as it has.

Penticton man in custody following alleged shooting

A 34-year-old Penticton man is in custody after police reported two incidents involving gunfire in the early morning hours Jan. 9.

Rash of mail theft in South Okanagan

Multiple apartment buildings in Penticton were the subject of mailbox thefts over the past week.

Sentencing delayed for Penticton sex offender

A judge is deliberating an unprecedented set of facts before handing down a sentence for a man guilty of sexual assault.

Okanagan Beard Festival returns

The beard festival is back with registration taking place on Jan. 16 at Cannery Brewing.

Sentencing for townhouse arson next month

The sentencing hearing for the Penticton teen who pleaded guilty to an arson will take place in February.

Probation for man who threatened city hall

The man who put Penticton City Hall on lockdown in 2015 is spending the next two years under a probation order.

RCMP files: fake firearms, break and enters and a fight

Couple confronted at the door of a residence with what they believed was a firearm.

Soirée blurring artistic boundaries at gallery

Multiple performers are blurring the lines of different artistic pursuits as Soirée Expérimentale comes to the art gallery Jan. 13.

Drivers finally getting the message

Cpl. Ted Manchulenko said the message is getting out there after police responded to no collisions and found zero drunk drivers.

Helping the homeless during the cold snap

With freezing temperatures in the forecast, locals are aiming to help the homeless population get through the cold snap.

Video: Rescue boat might not be available on Okanagan Lake

The Penticton Fire Department is looking to the community to help fund a new rescue boat for use on Okanagan Lake.

A look back on the arts in 2016

Arts and entertainment editor Dale Boyd explores the year that was 2016 in the Penticton arts community.

Axe-wielding man that had standoff with RCMP pleads guilty

Crown counsel praised the actions of a South Okanagan police officer.

Roundhouse kick lands thief jail time

A man who roundhouse kicked a Walmart employee after attempting to steal is spending the next month in jail.

RCMP files: Pepper spray, Christmas Day fight and RCMP rescue injured man

Police broke up a Christmas Day fight as tensions were running high and a baseball bat was brought out.

New Year’s Eve 2016 parties in Penticton

Your source for New Year's Eve events in Penticton to help ring in 2017.

Crime doesn’t stop over Christmas

Police looking for a Grinch, or possibly Grinches, who were involved in crimes in Penticton over the holidays.