Colleen Palumbo

Museum exhibit building has been restored

The museum's 30+ year-old outdoor exhibit building was completely restored over the course of the spring and summer.

Maud and Bill Wenman spent 67 years devoted to each other

There wasn’t enough children in Sicamous to warrant the opening of a school so the family moved to Golden in 1906.

Turning Back the Pages: Museum roof needing repairs

The following story was written by former Golden resident Peter Miller about the building of the Golden Museum.

Turning Back the Pages: The history of the United Chuch

The first building in Golden was that of Licksey Trombley’s hotel, known as the “Canada House” in 1884.

Turning Back the Pages: A life in silk

Colleen Palumbo looks back at the history of moving silk across Canada.

Mining records shine a light on the past

In the spirit of the mining records is information from a bulletin put out by the Golden Placer & Quartz Mining Co.

Bugress shale fossils bed shows the geography of Field

CPR workers at Field made some significant discoveries long before Charles Doolittle Walcott found the now famous Burgess Shale Fossil Beds.

A story that tells the tale of early business by Thomas King

The following story was written by Thomas King about the early businesses that opened in Golden.

Relive some of the memories found in the Stars

Looking back through the Golden Stars stored in the vault at the Golden Museum is a time consuming but rewarding task.

Finding sporting issues in Golden

The residents of Golden, like most small communities, has over the years found some interesting ways to entertain themselves

A time to sing and dance through the eyes of Golden’s past

This is part of an article written by Arvid Johnson that appears in its entirety in 2000 Golden Memories

A time to sing and dance through the eyes of Golden’s past

The tales of the past in Golden are shared through Turning Back the Pages.

The history of the power that is linked with the press

To truly understand the power of the press, one has to have read an editorial written by pioneer printer, John Houston.

How prepared would you be in an extreme situation?

I am sure many of you, like me, watched with concern the events of Hurricane Sandy play out.

The long and interesting history of the Matheson family

The story of the Alex Matheson family as told my members of his family to the authors of Golden Memories.

The life and times of the Robinson family in Golden

The following information was submitted to the Historical Society’s publication of Golden Memories and was authored by R.E. Robinson.

Honouring those who didn’t make it to their final resting place

To help pay honour to their memory here they are and their final resting places.

Time is getting near to return to the slopes around Golden

The following article was written for Golden Memories 1982 edition by Chris Schiesser. Do you have a copy of Golden Memories?

Turning Back the Pages on the life and times of Paul Hambruch

Well, Golden has lost another gem, a man who looked around each day, wondering what he could do that would make the world a better place.

Looking back at the Trans Canada

Today I had the pleasure of going to Spirit Square and viewing the cavalcade of old cars.