Charlie Hodge

Hodge: NHL owners can’t afford to miss an entire season

If the league is foolish enough to proceed with another lockout it may be the beginning of the end of several current NHL clubs.

Hodge: Musicians play an upbeat tune for one of their own

I hope you were part of the packed house of music supporters who took part in Thursday night’s fundraiser for Floyd Vedan.

Hodge: Local musicians, singers rally to help a fallen friend

Unless you have been hiding under a very large rock of late, you are likely aware of the upcoming FloydFest on Sept. 6.

Hodge: Plenty to do, both inside and out, over the next few days

I was reminded how blessed we are to live here in the Okanagan Valley by spending a couple of glorious nights in a tent along Woods Lake.

Hodge: Our pets have a way of getting wrapped around our hearts

I’m convinced that last week while I worked in my basement office I heard her pitter patter across the dining room floor.

Hodge: Valley offers ample reasons why it’s a great place to live

As a spoiled born and raised Okanagan lad, I have sometimes taken for granted just how fortunate we are to live here.

Hodge: Time to complain now about the heat

I am happy the ‘lousy’ spring weather is finally over because now that summer is here we can finally complain about the ‘horrible’ heat.

Hodge: Veendam sister city garage sale full of must-have items

I am all excited about a great big outdoor garage sale, surrounded by a bunch of old folks.

Hodge: May Days always a fun affair

No certainty in NHL playoffs this year, but annual Rutland long weekend celebration always entertaining family event.

Hodge: Setting the judging standards for Rutland May Days parade

The Gazillianth annual Rutland May Days Parade kicks off the family festival on May 19 and I am one of three parade judges.

Hodge: Yard work conflicts with Stanley Cup playoffs

Forget the official calendar or even the relentless rain—we have proof spring has officially sprung.

Hodge: Questions arise about some of the disclosed expenses

The financial disclosures of Kelowna city council candidates were released Monday—and the figures caused a few sets of eyeballs to roll.

Hodge: Winter: Enough is enough

Not sure about you, but I am pretty much done with winter.

Hodge: All eyes on the NHL to make the step to ban fisticuffs

Anything truly is possible, it seems, if we see fighting in hockey go the way of the dinosaur.

Hodge: Wentworth students to rock their way back to the ’80s

If you’re tired of sitting at home the fine folks at Wentworth Music have another superb suggestion.

Hodge: The not-so-handy handyman needs assistance

I would like to meet the person who first theorized if you want to discover whether you are good at something—try it.

Heartwarming fundraiser for Cap News photographer

For a few seconds we locked eyes, there was a glint (more like a smirk of the iris) that flickered back and forth.

Hodge: Elections can create unexpected alliances

My mother, bless her kind and gracious soul, used to pull out some real pearls of wisdom when needed.

Hodge: Impact of tax hike limit will be found in spending cuts

The new Kelowna city councillors received their baptism under a little fire last week.

Hodge: Hiawatha Park proposal a concern for area residents

The KLO Residents Association AGM was too much of a temptation not to show up to—and I am glad I did.