Charlie Hodge

Hodge: Charlie’s Angels–No need to check this Christmas list twice

Readers have submitted names of people that made a difference in some way, shape, or form to their life.

Hodge: Yuletide calendar busy in the Hodge home

Even for one probably originally destined to be North Pole elf, my house decorating schedule was absurdly advanced this year.

Hodge: JFK–Loss of a president and our trust

I suppose it is understandable that such grief inspiring, cataclysmic events lodge or dislodge memory bank data.

Hodge: Pay tribute to the past as we move forward

…those that helped create our history tend to die leaving those alive with less knowledge of what it is they are trying to remember.

Hodge: Valued friendships renewed by Facebook connections

I marvel at many of the inventions and changes in our society since my birth just 58 years ago.

Hodge: Grandpa gets to revisit a kid’s world

Life does not get much better than snuggling up, eating ice cream, and watching Alvin and the Chipmunks [with your granddaughter].

Hodge: Full line-up for Night of the Arts

All proceeds from the show will go to Metro Central, an excellent facility downtown.

Hodge: Regret for developing a smoking habit in life

I wanted to scream out, “Don’t do it girl, don’t buy those cigarettes.”

Hodge: Revisiting summer camp brings back childhood memories

The only thing really missing here aside from you, Vic, is the camp caretaker Old Steve.

Hodge: Meteor shower lit up the sky

Charlie Hodge relates his magical outdoor experience camping at Island Lake.

Hodge: Being submerged at Wood Lake

Spent a fabulous long weekend tenting at Wood Lake, an annual migration for us.

Hodge: Childhood memories for native sons

Teresa and I paid a visit to the Okanagan Anglican Church Camp and a flood of wonderful memories hit me.

Hodge: Two bands offer a musical synchronicity for columnist

A bundle of old Strange Movies fans made the trek to listen to Don Burnett, Bill Campbell and Gerry Deshayes joined by Mike Ohman.

Hodge: It can be fun playing tourist in your own valley

Tez and I wound up playing tourists in our own Valley last week. And we had a fabulous time doing so.

Hodge: Kelowna ties to B.C. premiers continues

The end result was no surprise to the majority of residents and media.

Hodge: Grandfatherhood, Canucks head coach decision stinks and byelection candidates defy logic

Columnist Charlie Hodge talks politics, sports and the enduring emotional ties of family.

Hodge: Boat building exercise has been interrupted by rain

Columnist Charlie Hodge asks what's with all this rain in June?

Hodge: Fat Cat Festival fun for young and old

Perhaps we had even more fun than our three-and-a-half year old accomplice the fabulous Fat Cat Festivities last weekend.

Hodge: Our community has lost a loyal, long-time friend

Long-time Kelowna residents will remember Larry Chalmers as a sound family and community minded man.

Hodge: Departing event organizer will be missed

Chris Olson-Brown is stepping down in his role with May Days after several years of hard work. He leaves big shoes to fill.