Carolyn Grant

Johnny Bower; a man of kindness

Anthony Dransfeld recounts conversations with late, great Maple Leaf, Johnny Bower

An explosive end to the story

I enjoyed the short article in Friday's paper (The Way it Was) about a 1950 trial where it stated RCMP Constable Fred Sontag slapped an inebriated Jack Roth twice while depositing him in a cell in Kimberley. I remember when Jack Kirkup, of the BC Police Force, capably policed Kimberley as a one man police force, and driving the car home, on the non-busy roads, after a few brews in one of the busy pubs, was not then a concern. But in the 1950s and the new RCMP policing on us - drinking and driving became a serious issue. Prosecutions and fines increased intensely, led by an ambitious Constable Sontag. He was very busy, and became very unpopular. I worked as an underground mine surveyor at the time, and the Monday lunch room gossip was always the actions of Fred Sontag on the weekend. The Friday article mentions some people wanting to expel him from Kimberley.

Key City Theatre presents Onegin

The award-winning Arts Club production of Onegin embarks on a Western Canada tour this month including Cranbrook's Key City Theatre on Tuesday February 6.

Know it All

Kimberley Cranbrook entertainment listings

Dynamiters split weekend

Face Ghostriders Tuesday

Mail stolen from super boxes in Marysville

Kimberley RCMP Sgt. Chris Newel reports that sometime overnight between January 3 and January 4, 2018, an unknown person(s) broke the locks on several of Canada Post's Super Boxes located in Marysville, BC and stole all of the mail from the mail boxes.

More snow, slight drop in temperatures forecast

The highway contractor Mainroad has released a weather update.

Sullivan Landing offering lots, homes for sale in Kimberley

Open House scheduled for Wednesday, January 17

Gas expected to rise five cents per litre in 2018

However, unforeseen events can change things, petroleum analyst says

Goals more than met

Dynamiters wanted to be in first place at endof first half of season

What’s next for KCDS?

The Kimberley Community Development Society (KCDS) has been operating as a society in Kimberley since the mid-1980s. The non-profit was established to fund and administer Kimberley economic development activities.

RDEK 2017: A Year in Review

By Rob C. Gay

Whats the deal?

The new agreement between RCR and the City of Kimberley on Conference Centre

Nitros take Christmas Classic games


Property assessment notices in the mail

Kimberley's average home value up six per cent

Marysville bench lands

What do we want with the bench ? We want a park, the Marysville Bench Park! We want it for all the community to use for years and decades to come, we want to save and save this beauty. But it is more then that, it is flat and can be used for seniors and disabled or injuries , I see them walking it all the time, and that will included all of us some day. Plus it is open and most women prefer to walk in open spaces for the feeling of safety. It has been used for 50 years or more some say 100 years. This area, Marysville or south Kim, whatever u want to label it, like it or not , doesn't have one and that isn't ok, Council Goodwin , Kitto and Oakley should understand what that means to us, more then anyone. It is our nature park, we use it daily, it is our Marysville Nature Park, small , yes but we don't complain about that, we just want it left alone, protected, natural, so it can be used for another 100 yrs of recreational usage. We don't want to walk around fences, paving, metal buildings, noise, trucks, gas smells, who in kimberley does? That is not us, any of us, or we wouldn't want to live here. I think most of Kimberley Residents understand this need.

Kootenay Savings builds healthy and vibrant communities

Many organizations in the region, including Kimberley Community Foundation, receive funds

RCMP investigating threats uttered at Services BC building

25 year old Cranbrook resident released pending court date

Real estate inventory very low

The Kimberley real estate market is in an unusual spot right now. Inventory is low, lower than many realtors can ever recall.