Brian van Wensem

Centre Point: It’s a new year for shows at the centre

Shows in every genre are about to grace the stage at the Vernon and District Performing Arts Centre.

Centre Point: T’is the season for shows to fill the calendar

Don’t let these next few weeks pass by without indulging in the events that make us laugh, sing, and share in the joy of the season.

Centre Point: Wrap up November with a show in Vernon

Whether life finds you shopping, baking, crafting or procrastinating, make sure to schedule some “you” time and take in an event.

Centre Point: Cherish the moments

There are some fantastic quality performances coming up in Vernon that’ll definitely make the effort to go out worthwhile.

Charlotte Diamond brings Four Hugs a Day

Beloved Canadian children's entertainer will share the stage with her son, Matt Diamon, at the Vernon & District Performing Arts Centre

A new season of dance begins

The Vernon & District Performing Arts Centre gets ready for a new season, starting Sept. 30 with Out Interspace Dance Theatre

Centre Point: Rawk on, kids

From plays and concerts to local recitals, there’s something for everyone in Greater Vernon.

Centre Point: Spit-spot to these spring shows

Mary Poppins, the stage musical, and more events of every kind and for every taste are flying into a Vernon venue near you.

CentrePoint: Selection abounds

There is no shortage of amazing live performances to entertain audiences of all ages at the Vernon & District Performing Arts Centre

Centre Point: April showers bring more than flowers

As April arrives on our doorstep, check out these events that will feed your creative side.

Centre Point: Spring is in the air

In the next few weeks, you’ll definitely find a show to see you through what’s left of Old Man Winter.

Centre Point: The fun never ends

Worried about Vernon Winter Carnival being over? No problem. The next few weeks offer a feast of events to choose from.

Centre Point: Arts liven February

Among the best aspects of working in the arts is just how dynamic the events are in the North Okanagan.

CENTRE POINT: Lot’s happening on the culture front

Now looking ahead to 2016, we’ve got another year of world-class entertainment

Centre Point: Here’s a ‘wrap’ of holiday season shows

We’re approaching the home stretch of 2015 where holiday decorations are everywhere and the countdown to Christmas is in full swing.

Centre Point: The holiday season has officially begun

It’s one of the busiest times of year as we run out of days in November and look ahead to December.

Centre Point: Greater Vernon is the star

We’ve got a good thing going on here in Greater Vernon, starting with Paul Taylor Dance Company's arrival at the Performing Arts Centre.

Centre Point: A few reasons to dress up

Don’t miss out on these great events in the incredibly busy arts scene in the North Okanagan.

Centre Point: Thanks for the arts

Thanksgiving is such a great time to celebrate the abundance of the arts and culture season

Centre Point: It’s on with the shows

The Vernon Performing Arts Centre's Brian van Wensem is back to tell us what you’ll want to see in the weeks to come.