Bobbi Moger

Moger: Comparing a sedentary and active lifestyle

Two thirds of the aging process is based on one’s lifestyle choices.

Moger: Choose an active lifestyle

World Health Organization says physical inactivity the fourth leading risk factor for our demise.

Moger: Shape up with yard work

It's time to start thinking about yard work and spring cleaning.

Moger: Seems there’s confusion around nutrition

Everyone, including seniors, can get confused about nutrition when mixed messages are coming at us from every angle.

Moger: Importance of exercising to help recover from a stroke

The Heart and Stroke Foundation recommends exercise after a stroke to improve functional capacity.

Moger: Work out with a partner

Some of the many benefits of having a workout partner include accountability and encouragement.

Moger: Things that may shorten your life

Review of some of the leading factors for shortening life.

Kittle: Protect, preserve your joints

Find a happy median between exercise and not abusing your joints.

Kittle: Protecting and preserving your joints

What are joints and how can you protect and preserve them?

Kittle: What you can do about weight gain in menopause

Maintaining a healthy weight is a challenge for most these days. And the older we get, the more difficult it can be.

Kittle: Don’t let menopause affect keeping a healthy weight

The hormonal changes of menopause might make you more likely to gain weight…

Kittle: How to take control over emotional binge eating urges

Be patient with yourself as you learn to consider food in a different way.

Kittle: 101 ideas of things to do besides eat

Seniors columnist has a list of 'other' things to do besides give in to food.

Kittle: Keeping the intimacy alive

Aging does bring about physical changes that have an impact on sexuality.

Kittle: Cross training and core strengthening for older adults

As you put together a routine, look for combinations of activities that are different from each other and that use different muscles.

Kittle: Dealing with common fitness goal setbacks

Take full responsibility for your health and fitness regimen. Don't let setbacks set you back.

Kittle: Exercising with arthritic pain

Aching muscles and joints is no reason for seniors to not engage in an appropriate exercise program.

Kittle: Bodyweight fitness trend

…bodyweight exercises are the ideal choice for individuals who want to exercise but don’t have access to equipment.

Kittle: Deciphering the healthy and unhealthy fats

Too much fat or a high-fat diet is associated with obesity, cardiovascular disease, diabetes and some types of cancer.

Kittle: Stretching exercises key to enhancing flexibility

Stretching for flexibility is often an overlooked and important component in achieving peak physical performance and overall fitness.