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My product is fitness instruction and a physio's is physical therapy — our similar goal is to help people move, perform and feel better.

Moger: Avoid the seasonal weight gain push

The weight you gain in October, November and December takes the typical person five months to lose after the first of the year.

Moger: Dealing with arthritic knees

Early diagnosis and treatment is key in preventing chronic pain, loss of mobility and decreased function.

Moger: Exercising with a disability

With a disability you might find yourself caught in vicious cycle of limited mobility and decreased physical activity.

Moger: Finding relief for leg cramps

Capital News seniors' fitness columnist Bobbi Moger offers options for dealing with leg muscle contractions and spasms.

Moger: How to extend and enjoy your golden years

Why we need to achieve and maintain our quality of life fitness level as we grow older.

Moger: Healthy eating habits best weapon to avoid cancer

Eating a healthy diet of five servings of fruits and vegetables daily will extend your life by improving your health.

Moger: The challenges of spinal stenosis

The benefit of both exercise and weight loss (if necessary) is crucial in helping with the pain associated with spinal stenosis.

Moger: Eat better and save money

As we age, eating well can be the key to a positive outlook and staying emotionally balanced.

Moger: Regular exercise key to losing weight, gaining energy

Contrary to popular belief, exercising doesn’t make you tired—it literally creates energy in your body.

Moger: Exercise can combat arthritis

While most people are aware of arthritis, many do not know of the disabling and life-changing effects it has.

Moger: Don’t fall prey to autumn fitness setbacks

Pick activities you will enjoy this winter, and make your comfort food with low-calorie ingredients.

Moger: Apply some tried and true weight-loss strategies

It’s common knowledge that exercise, in combination with a healthy eating plan, produces the best long-term weight loss results.

Moger: Seniors taking care mentally

Some seniors struggle from time to time with mental illness and depression.

Moger: Here are some ways to keep your heart healthy

For more information on heart healthy recipes and tips contact The Heart and Stroke Foundation.

Moger: Walking one of safest exercises for seniors

Here are some safe walking tips from the Peel walk and roll program.

Moger: Sleep evades everyone, especially those in pain

Sleep is central to a person’s health, well-being and survival.

Moger: Joint replacement information

Some considerations to take into account when confronted with joint replacement surgery.

Moger: Pay attention to food label details

Consumer should not rely only on general health claims to make informed choices, advises Health Canada.

Physical Therapy: Don’t paint the ceiling

For all of you over 40 or with a history of neck problems, I have one piece of important advice: Don’t paint the ceiling.