Bob Simpson

Politicizing the budgeting process

If a federal election is called this week, British Columbians will be in the untenable position of having both a provincial and federal budget that have neither been debated nor voted on.

Are we serving our seniors well?

One of the saddest aspects of my job involves the issue of seniors’ care and hearing the heart-wrenching stories families bring to my office that highlight the inadequacy of our current system and approach to meeting the growing needs of seniors.

The answers lie in rural B.C.

I’m glad the Liberal leadership race is over; maybe we can get back to governing now, starting with a real budget as soon as possible.

The answers lie in rural British Columbia

I’m glad the Liberal leadership race is over; maybe we can get…

A ‘political’ budget

Forgive me for thinking that the minister of finance is supposed to be the minister of finance for the Province of British Columbia, not the liberal minister of finance caught between two premiers.

Cats, hockey players and membership woes

Bob Simpson muses on the liberal leadership race.

Membership woes

On Feb. 26, British Columbians will get a new premier, but not all British Columbians will get to have a say in who that person is; only those who took out a B.C. Liberal party membership before last Saturday have that privilege.