Bob Simpson

21st century value-added forestry

Last year I was appointed to the government’s bioeconomy committee along with MLAs John Yap, John Rustad, Eric Foster and Ron Cantelon.

Column – Simpson: Time to re-energize and re-focus

It’s hard to believe that it was a year ago that I officially left the NDP party

Catching up

One of the problems of having a full fall legislative session is that it’s hard to get around the riding.

Repeal the balanced budget legislation

Two weeks ago the minister of finance stated he was determined to balance B.C.’s budget by 2013 as required by the law.

The next bubble to burst?

During this fall’s legislative session the provincial government introduced legislation to simplify the student loan application process.

Election should be held in fall 2013

In the spring session I introduced legislation to change B.C.’s fixed election date to the fall from its current date in May.

Unsustainable resources traded for popularity

Independent MLA Bob Simpson is trading unsustainable resource extraction for party popularity

Unsustainable jobs plan

A fundamental shift occurred when Premier Christy Clark announced her job plan.

Get big money out of B.C. politics

The political corruption scandal in Quebec makes me wonder.

Carbon neutral sham

This week I introduced a Private Members Bill to repeal the government’s “carbon neutral” legislation.

Who do we serve?

I was pleasantly surprised with Premier Christy Clark’s first Throne Speech last week because it contained more than just her “jobs strategy.”

A year of independence

It’s hard to believe a year has passed since my weekly column sparked a chain of events, which led to a change in the leadership of the BC NDP and my decision to leave the party system and represent Cariboo North as an Independent.

Premier won’t meet GHG obligations

greenhouse gas obligations

Promises, promises

Last week Premier Christy Clark rolled out her “jobs plan” for BC. labelled “Canada Starts Here,” the plan starts out stating B.C. is Canada’s “westernmost province” and “the first port of call for people and goods that come to Canada.” I’m pretty sure there are other provinces with ports, railways, roads and airports where people and goods can come into Canada.

An ounce of prevention

I ran in the Terry Fox event in Quesnel this year. It’s part of my effort to stop “decaying.”

Time to end the electioneering

It’s a relief to have the uncertainty associated with the possibility of a snap election put to an end. But I’m concerned that the leaders of B.C.’s main political parties won’t be able to rise above the petty partisanship that’s characterized their relationship to date.

Layton remembered


Reflections on Jack Layton’s death

Like many others, I was shocked at how frail Jack Layton looked at the press conference when he announced he was fighting another form of cancer and would be taking leave from his duties as the leader of the federal NDP.

It’s over – hopefully

The HST votes are in – at least from those who took the time to vote and from those who were able to get a ballot and get it in on time.