Bob Simpson

A welcome promise

The auditor general of B.C. revealed that the Legislative Assembly account is not being managed to the same standards.

The 10 per cent solution

Columnist and MLA Bob Simpson talks about the CUPE event that took place in Quesnel.

The answer is no

Bob Simpson, in his column, discusses a consistent message heard at the Timber Supply hearings in Vancouver.

The effort is appreciated

MLA Bob Simpson, in his column, reflects on the Special Committee on Timber Supply hearings in the region.

Roads, roads, roads

MLA Bob Simpson, in his weekly column, discusses Highway 97, the Likely-Wells connector road, and resource roads.

End corporate welfare

MLA Bob Simpson, in his column, discusses care for seniors, people with disabilities, and vulnerable families.

Improving seniors’ care

Over the past few years my office has been dealing with more and more seniors care issues.

Politicians always get it wrong

I had the privilege of speaking to a school group the other day, and a student asked me why I ran for public office.

Maximizing our potential

The Cariboo region has an abundance of opportunities to expand mineral exploration and extraction as a means to offset any falldown.

So many bills, so little time

Much attention is being paid to the federal budget bill and the limited time MPs have to debate that massive piece of legislation.

Bad data, bad decision

There’s an adage in business that you can’t manage what you don’t measure.

Let’s all be honest

It looks like we might have finally made a breakthrough.

Getting around the riding

It’s always a great pleasure to have time in the riding to be able to visit the various communities I was elected to represent.

Where’s the workforce plan?

Last week the minister of finance floated the idea that B.C. might support the relocation of welfare recipients, on a voluntary basis.

Proposal to resolve teacher bargaining

Teachers dispute could have been resolved without the heavy boot

Be careful what you wish for

This week’s provincial budget is both a result and a reflection of our times.

Celebrating an uncertain future?

One hundred years ago, B.C. embarked on a new adventure in forest management with the formation of the BC Forest Branch.

Great time in the Cariboo

I’ve thoroughly enjoyed my time at home and the ability to get around the riding over the last month.

Preparing for another season

Premier Christy Clark has posted the full legislative calendar for this year.

Pipeline dreams

There’s a certain irony in the fact that federal Natural Resource Minister Joe Oliver started 2012 with an outrageous attack.