Jenna Jensen

Footloose and fancy free

Stemming from a passion for helping people, Ellen Fyfe founded Footloose Enterprises in 2003.

Big awards given at Sparwood’s Fish and Wildlife banquet and fundraiser

The hall was full during Sparwood’s Fish and Wildlife banquet and fundraiser.

Elkford prepares to celebrate winter

Elkford will be the place to find fun next weekend, as the town kicks off the first annual Winter in the Wild Carnival

Hugh Twa honoured with hockey day in Elkford

Scotia Bank’s Hockey Day in Canada became a lot more meaningful to residents in the Elk Valley,

Sparwood Chamber’s new president strives for supporting business

The new Sparwood Chamber Board has just been elected, and this year’s President, Alex Millar sees a positive year.

Elkford students science fair

Students at Rocky Mountain Elementary School learned all about earth, nature, science and technology during their annual science fair.