Beth Hendry-Yim

Nanaimo app developers win gold in competition

NANAIMO – Shawn Adrian and Gavin Vickery won Evernote's DevCup 2013.

Puns and parodies

NANAIMO – Knights of the Round Table ride into Nanaimo as part of Schmooze Productions’ Spamalot

Technology takes viewer into character’s imagination

NANAIMO – In Other Words theatre company utilizes video in production of Muse.

Salmon festival in Nanaimo supports Tour de Rock

NANAIMO – Annual event highlights renewable and healthy resource.

Nanaimo parents hope baby’s legacy helps others

NANAIMO – Fundraiser helps pay for baby monitor at Nanaimo Regional General Hospital.

Triathlon goes to the dogs

NANAIMO – TriRuff K9 event sees handlers, dogs compete in biking, running and swimming race.

Classic cars on display for charity

NANAIMO – Custom built hot rods, muscle cars and antiques open for public to look at.

Class helps pick right pet

NANAIMO: Kennel club offers free class on choosing the right dog.

Nanaimo team wins at agility nationals

Soaring temperatures didn’t slow down Sugar and Tressia Toole at the Agility Association of Canada National Agility Trial this past weekend.

City aims to solve camping concerns for special events

Nanaimo policies currently do not allow any kind of camping on city-owned property; however, there are exceptions