Beau Simpson

SIMPSON: Surrey students deserve more than just ‘less worse’ when it comes to portables

Hey BC Liberals, Surrey doesn't need another finger in the dike - it needs a proactive solution to ease pressure on its overflowing schools

Surrey RCMP investigating after Creep Catcher claims to have videotaped Mountie trying to meet underaged girl

'We have an active investigation and are aware of the allegations that the matter involves a police officer,' Surrey RCMP say

Surrey golfer says swinging with prosthetic is like life – it’s all about balance

Christian Marcoux was one of 30 golfers competing in the recent 2016 Canadian Amputee and Disabled National Open

SIMPSON: You can’t breathe without offending somebody these days

New poll confirms it – even overly sensitive people like me are all sick and tired of everybody being offended by everything.

SIMPSON: More townhomes, more frustration, more rambling from Surrey’s ‘leaders’

Could it be? Could city council actually make decisions based on what residents want? Did we have them all wrong after all? Sadly, no.

Two vehicles seen driving away after more shots fired in Surrey

Police talking to neighbours in the 12800 block of 60 Avenue area of Surrey this morning after more shots were fired in Newton Monday night.

SIMPSON: I’ve lost patience for hypocritical mourners and entitled dog owners

Two days laid out on couch with flu does two things. It makes you surly – and it gives you lots of time to think and form opinions.

Surrey police investigate after man says he was assaulted and held captive in Whalley

Surrey RCMP’s Serious Crime Unit is wanting to speak to witnesses after 'targeted incident' on Whalley Boulevard Thursday night

BEING BRENT: What life is like when you have Tourette’s in Surrey

Spending time with Surrey's Brent Burgher may lead to a few uncomfortable moments but it will forever change the way you view Tourette’s

SIMPSON: How a guy with Tourette’s became a family friend

Tourette's must be a terrible thing to live with but Brent Burgher's positive outlook is sure to inspire everyone who reads his story.

SOCCER: Surrey Pegasus plays for provincial title Saturday in Victoria

A win this weekend would send Vancouver Metro Soccer League Premier division team to nationals for first time since 2011

SIMPSON: When you shake rattle and roll, you’re best to drop, cover and hold on

Will I sleep better after experiencing a simulated 8.0 earthquake? Probably not. But at least I feel more prepared and better educated

SIMPSON: With so much to say about crime in Surrey, using ‘bullet points’ is apropos

Two words come to mind – déjà vu. Well, there are other two-word phrases that come to mind but that’s the only publishable one.

Bad Axe Throwing is bringing ‘darts on steroids’ to Surrey

Opening in May, rapidly growing urban axe throwing club is expected to be a big draw in Newton for special events

SIMPSON: Surrey’s diversity unit is great but a cop’s smile is free

If cops are going to talk about engaging the public in a meaningful way, why don't they simply start with the basics?

Cloverdale woman hopes simple story will inspire other acts of kindness

'It only takes one kind gesture to make someone feel special,' says Jen Temple after heartwarming interaction with homeless man

PUBLIC ON PATROL: Across Surrey, neighbours are watching out for neighbours

Recognizing police can’t be everywhere, Block Watch volunteers across Surrey are empowering their neighbourhoods with information

From gangster to guide: Surrey parents hear cautionary tale

Jordan Buna is urging youth – and their parents – across the province to learn from his mistakes and make better choices.

Cloverdale’s brand offers ‘excellent bones to build on,’ city says

City of Surrey updates business community on plans for Cloverdale's town centre

SIMPSON: Complaints to newsroom show we’re loathe to give up control of our image

A stroke of a key – that’s all it takes. Don’t want someone to see a photo? Delete it. Think a photo is unflattering? Untag yourself.