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Crime severity index shows an increase in Cranbrook crime

Statistics Canada has released the latest index, which is based on police-reported incidents

Updated: Shypitka wins second term; BC NDP cruise to majority

"Election Days," rather than "Election Day," may be the more accurate term for the 42 British Columbia General Election, Saturday, Oct. 24.

A summery blast of Hugs & Slugs to warm up October

Hugs: And "they" said it couldn't be done … Hugs and thanks to the friendly folks at Mister Tire. Two other facilities, which I've patronized for many years (one for over thirty years!), were unable to accommodate my need for same day service. Even though I was a new customer, you handled my tire changeover by the end of the day, allowing peace of mind before heading over multiple mountain passes to attend to a very important family matter. You get my vote!

Candidates’ messages: Columbia River Revelstoke

The Bulletin offered each candidate in Columbia River Revelstoke space to hold forth on issues important to them and to voters.

Candidates’ messages: Kootenay East and Columbia River Revelstoke

The Townsman offered each candidate - in Kootenay East and Columbia River Revelstoke - space to hold forth on issues important to them and to voters.

Letters to the Editor

Lake Koocanusa weir; Cranbrook RCMP report; Cranbrook Community Theatre; Can Greens and NDP get along?

Kootenay Springs building, burns in Cranbrook; other fires still under investigation

Derelict building was on the site of the old Cranbrook Brewery, itself destroyed by fire 95 years ago

Denied entry to the U.S., still placed in Canadian quarantine

The rules around crossing the U.S. border led to a bizarre situation for an Invermere couple

Winter is just around the corner- it’s time for Hugs & Slugs

Hugs: To Melinda Howard for sharing her cancer story, it was very encouraging. Hugs to everyone who supported her on that journey.

Weather event hits region

Mainroad is predicting up to roughly 10 mm of precipitation over next couple of days

Vehicle collides with logging truck at Moyie

The head-on collision happened west of Cranbrook early Thursday morning. (Teresa Brown photo)

Health care worker’s car vandalized in Cranbrook

Car targeted because of Alberta plates; owner training in Kootenays

I’m not a robot, I swear

What does failing a CAPTCHA test tell you? That the Robot Uprising is at hand

A Winter’s Tale: Live theatre returns to Cranbrook with “Almost, Maine”

Cranbrook Community Theatre presentation, opening Friday, shows us how we leave each other, and how we make our way back

The plane crash at the top of the mountain

50 years ago, a small plane was lost within sight of the Cranbrook airport. What went wrong?

Some Hugs & Slugs, until the smoke clears

Hugs: huge hugs to the General Manager and his coworker of Dollarama in the Tamarack Mall, for picking up and getting my client Don seated back into his electric wheelchair, when he tipped over and fell out on our way to his morning coffee break. Without their help I would have had to call the ambulance. They stayed to be sure he was okay and even helped look for the control knob. Thanks again, ever so much.

RCMP investigating string of thefts

Suspect went into several vehicles on September 13 and stole numerous items

Some vox populi to welcome the autumn

Hugs and Slugs

PeakFest 2020 brings live music back to Cranbrook

FPPAS's "Masquerade in Moir" launches four weekend festival