Anne Patterson

A wild ride for us began 10 years ago

Our city friends warned us the move to Langley would be disastrous and suggested we had left “normal.”

Self-delusion is the sincerest form of flattery

In both the human world and the horse world, we see what we want to see

A short horse with attitude

Humans are not the only species affected by tape measure trauma, or Napoleon complex.

Robin: ‘learn about real farming and animals, not Farmville’

The B.C. Farm Machinery and Agricultural Museum is hosting a Horse and Agriculture Education Session on April 28 from 10-3 p.m.

Minis a good alternative to full-sized horses

More Langley horse lovers attracted to miniature horses.

19-year-old horse with ‘heart’ cheats death twice

Langley vet clinic provides life-saving surgery to rescued horse.

Alina Macleod finds homes for standardbreds

Trainers and owners donate horses to Greener Pastures, and the horses are put on a waiting list.

Education helps in choosing the right horse

Langley-based Horse Protection Society of B.C. has decided that the best way to prevent equine abuse and neglect cases is education.

Careless hunters hit innocent walker

A woman who was accidentally shot in the hand by a shotgun pellet last Thursday while walking on a South Langley trail.

Violet got back in the saddle at 99 years of age

Langley resident Violet Rumpel who recently celebrated her 100th birthday, wanted to experience the freedom and joy of riding again

Farm market offers chance to help former race horses

“More and more attention is being focused on the aftercare of the horses. The young, urban group, the market that the industry is hoping to attract to the (sport), is very concerned about animal welfare,” says New Stride president Marcy Emery.

Vintage Riders explore Ireland by horseback

A group of six Langley women who range in age from early boomer to 77 years old returned home from the equestrian adventure of a lifetime.

Interior horse people distrust the ‘cow people’

In the Interior of B.C., where our three geldings are enjoying a summer ranch vacation, horse folk are united by one thing: an intense dislike of cow people. In that vast region outside Vancouver referred to as ‘upcountry,’ you’re either a horse person or a cow person.

Penny King is a PRDA ‘mainstay’

Penny King decided she could combine quality horse time and a passion for community service by volunteering at PRDA in Langley. She has since become, according to Langley PRDA head instructor Michelle Meacher, “a mainstay of our program.”

Young farmhand impresses

When a young guy I’ll call Riley applied for the job of live-in farm helper, we were quite underwhelmed by his resume.

Buying horse property can be a hairy business

During his 40-year career as a residential mortgage broker, Nick Douce, a…

Standardbred racers feel squeezed

Members of the Standardbred racing community are so concerned about the future…

Group starts horse hospice

Hospice gives ‘humane alternative’

Award to Hawley Bennett richly deserved

Now that her daughter Hawley is established as a rising star in…

Window of opportunity for input into South Langley trails a short one

The draft plan of the proposed Ultimate Cycling Network that was unveiled…