Anne Murray

BY THE BAY: Benefits abound in natural world

Children had lots of questions and comments, but one, that I heard more frequently than expected, took me by surprise.

BY THE BAY: Giants of the Fraser River

White sturgeon are the largest freshwater fish in North America

BY THE BAY: Birding atlas goes online

The BC Breeding Bird Atlas is now published online

BY THE BAY: Heritage plants need our attention to survive

Invasive species often dominate local landscapes, writes Anne Murray.

BY THE BAY: Eagle spottings on the rise in region

Bird counts show steady increase of bald eagles around Fraser Valley.

BY THE BAY: A tradition of holly and ivy

Nature has many holiday connections, including with these two staples.

BY THE BAY: Humpback whales making comeback

Population on rebound, decades after being nearly wiped out, writes columnist Anne Murray.

BY THE BAY: Finding nesting sites can be a challenge for birds

With natural landscapes disappearing from the Lower Mainland, finding a good nesting site can be challenging.

BY THE BAY: Birds bound for Alaska

The Boundary Bay region is a major stopover for flocks of sandpipers and other birds winging their way north

Celebrate the natural beauty and wildlife of Active Pass

Inaugural nature and arts festival kicks off this weekend.

Looking back on nature in 2014

Our wealth of migratory wildlife is unique in Canada and needs proactive attention.

BY THE BAY: Arctic-nesting Black Brant winter in the bay

Several thousand Brant visit the Fraser estuary annually and many stay the winter.

A wake-up call from nature

Study finds that species nearing extinction due to humans

BY THE BAY: Sockeye salmon may be in danger

Once again sockeye salmon are heading through the Strait of Georgia and into the Fraser, on the way to spawning grounds.

COLUMN: Nature needs champions

With loss of habitat, pesticide poisoning, and competition from introduced species, rarer species disappear.

BY THE BAY: A great place to be outdoors

Canada is a tremendous country for outdoor recreation and we can choose among myriad possibilities.

New study highlights the importance of nature for Canadians

We live in a tremendous country for outdoor recreation and we can choose among myriad possibilities.

BY THE BAY: A vulnerable time of year for birds

Peninsula birds are busy in springtime, and their habitats are delicate, writes columnist Anne Murray

Greasy fish are almost gone

The eulachon, oolie, or candlefish, lives in the Pacific ocean and has a rich history in B.C.

BY THE BAY: ‘Rewilding’ movement takes shape

Can we bring nature back? That question is being pondered in a new exhibit,Rewilding Vancouver: Remember, Reconnect, Rewild.