Anne DeGrace

COLUMN: Being yourself at the Library

Nelson author Anne Degrace's latest column for the Nelson Star.

COLUMN: A tree story from the Nelson Public Library

It began with a tall spindly pine tree growing in the corner of our yard smack at the meeting point of four fences.

COLUMN: Reading in our neck of the woods

Anne Degrace writes about some of her favourite BC books.

COLUMN: I’ll tell mine; you tell yours

The Nelson library's Anne Degrace on flash fiction....

COLUMN: All the glory of the rainbow

When I came to work last year and saw the rainbow crosswalk outside the library I felt elated, delighted and proud.

COLUMN: Put on your travellin’ shoes

The library is the friendly hub for travellers of all kinds, offering a different sort of connectedness.

COLUMN: Always smile at a crocodile

From our library columnist Anne DeGrace . . .

Liberation Days brings important story to Capitol stage

In the opening scene of Liberation Days, the ever-optimistic Canadian Captain Miles Cavendish just wants to know if “everyone is okay.”

Dim the lights, cue the brilliance

A new installment in Anne DeGrace's mini-series on writers at the Elephant Mountain Literary Festival.

Gambling on a Home Remedy

An Elephant Mountain Literary Festival Mini-series

COLUMN: Shhhh! Superhero action figures at your library

"Librarians don’t exactly sit around reading, and your library-social hub of the community-has a hard time staying quiet," writes DeGrace.

COLUMN: Serious deliciousness at your library

New book Pairings features 21 Nelson chefs and plenty of good eats.

COLUMN: Take the time to spend time together

Anne DeGrace writes warmly about being fuzzily home for the holidays.

Publisher Douglas Gibson tells all

Stories of Alice Munro and more at Elephant Mountain Literary Festival.

Great choice for Nelson’s Cultural Ambassador

That I’ve been avoiding writing my last Cultural Commentary for days doesn’t at all reflect on the honour