Anna Purcell

COLUMN: You’ve got to help out with this

Nelson city councillor Anna Purcell weighs in on the Quebec shooting, Downtown Revitalization Project and more.

COLUMN: How co-ops could help us solve our toughest problems

From city councillor Anna Purcell...

COLUMN: Why I changed my mind

City councillor Anna Purcell on the marijuana vote....

COLUMN: Put public space at the heart of your community

From city councillor Anna Purcell...

COLUMN: Public input important to city decision-making process

From city councillor Anna Purcell...

COLUMN: Poverty reduction and the Living Wage

Edmonton’s poverty reduction task force defined poverty as when people lack, or are denied, economic, social, and cultural resources.

COLUMN: How important are the arts to Nelson’s economy?

We all know that Nelson is an artsy town — from the experience of living here and having to choose what to see and do on any weekend.

COLUMN: What $45 a week gets you as a city taxpayer

Last year, our two-person household spent $45 per week on phones and Internet. We also spent about $45 per week on municipal taxes and fees.

COLUMN: The tech sector and tofu prices

Want to know something that may surprise you? The tech sector in BC employs more people than oil, gas, mining, and forestry combined.

COLUMN: Social connections the secret to happiness

What are we most proud of about the city we live in? What does it mean to live a good life?

COLUMN: Self-employed? Own a home-based business? This column is for you

We know little about who the self-employed are, what they do, what their challenges are, and to what degree they contribute to the economy.

COLUMN: Toronto and Halifax provide inspiration

Councillor Anna Purcell wants to move in to the Halifax public library.

COLUMN: Fixing infrastructure transcends politics

In 2011, Nelson hosted the Federation of Canadian Municipalities board for several days of meetings and showcasing Nelson’s charms.

COLUMN: Communicating with city council

How do you most like to be communicated with? How do you get your information?