Angus Schroff

Potter party better than a poke with a sharp stick

Harry Potter. Those two words have made more people more money than one hundred thousand clones of you could ever dream.

Making movies way more fun than watching Smurfs

So, with movies being (mostly) awesome and all, how does one break into the movie industry?

LEGO build legions of fans, and it’s worth the price

LEGO’s cube-shaped story began in the 1890s with Ole Kirk Christiansen, a carpenter, and his wooden toys.

Chillin’ at Jennifer’s chocolate factory

Chocolate is delicious. It’s one of the undeniable facts of life.

Kind of a waste: how the Internet is ruining us

A long time ago, in the skateboarding, fish-eye lens-using 90s, there was something great on the horizon.

An animated duo bring fun head games to local kids

Anime. What does that term mean to you? Well, if you’re reading this, probably nothing.

CSI: Crummy Show Investigation

Tell me if you’ve heard this setup before: Big-city cop and team of crack specialists in technobabble and fake forensics solve crimes.

Canada Day proves Canadians know how to have fun

Over the years, Canada and the United States of America’s stories have been intertwined.

Getting in the theatre Zone

Of course, the Zone Festival won’t just be any old event in Nakusp, with three plays being presented during the festival.

Bonnie and Clyde are coming to steal the stage

While a Broadway play is a difficult undertaking for anyone, let alone high-school students, they nonetheless soldier on.

NSS production reveals future lives of fairytale characters

Presented by the Nakusp Secondary School’s musical theatre class, the play lampooned fairytale characters and conventions.

The Kootenay means snow, sleds and …fine wine?

Sunset Ridge Bed and Breakfast in Nakusp sits at the end of a long driveway at the end of a long road.

BC Beemers prove motorcycles go vrrroom

There are a few words that come to your mind when someone says “BMW:” style, performance, cachet, and camping in the woods.

Questing after fun, and maybe sports stardom

At first glance, “Soccer Quest” might sound like a bit of an overdramatic name.

Norden amazes with magic and some silly humour

Houdini, David Copperfield, Penn, Teller and… Mike Norden?

One Book, one Kootenay Nakusp event

The presentation featured three authors: Jennifer Craig, Rita Moir and Mr. Wayman himself, the only one who could appear in person.