Andy Motherwell

The age of diesel arrives

Andy Motherwell tells of the introduction of diesel trucks to the forest industry

Custer’s wife reveals life as a civilian on a military campaign

Book written in 1885 by Elisabeth Custer describes was it was like to travel with Custer and the 7th Cavalry

Finmore – a town forgotten

Once the boom in railroad traffic slowed down, many towns like Finmore were abandoned

BC logging: then and now

Retired forester Gordon Russell provides history of his 40 years in logging in Quesnel

Hidden Paradise

Local amateur historian Andy Motherwell chronicles the life and loss of Hidden Paradise, a one-time busy recreational area.

Antique Machinery Park exhibits of interest

A snapshot of some of the more interesting exhibits at the AMP

Sylvia’s moose

Andy Motherwell provides a light-hearted look at the hunting season.

A beekeeper with a past

George Turner was a beekeeper, trapper and former deputy sheriff for Bat Masterson

Dangerous work in Chilcotin country

Andy Motherwell tells the story of lives lost in the pursuit of power

Convoy comes to Quesnel during Second World War

In his column, Andy Motherwell tells the story of how Quesnel was connected to Second World War

Another adventure in Quesnel’s history

A faithful boat's last days on the banks of the Fraser River near the footbridge in Quesnel

Model T makes trip to Fairbanks Alaska

They don't make cars like they used to as this Model T attests to

History’s evidence

Old cabins mark where history was made but are deteriorating with time

the discovery of Mount Waddington

Andy Motherwell tells the story of Don and Phyllis Munday and their discoveries

A forgotten explorer

A good book for those who enjoy learning about early B.C. exploration

From Riske Creek to Quesnel

Tom Rafferty's story is one of successful teacher and Rotarian

Frank Dolman was a gifted teacher

Historical Footnotes columnist Andy Motherwell knew Dolman well

Freighters brought supplies to pioneers

Many entrepreneurs saw the opportunity in bringing goods to remote settlements.

Quesnel celebrates 50 years

It was a train ride, picnic and a lot of fun for Quesnel residents

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