Andy Erickson

Must-dos for millennial

Canadian millennials of all ages have an estimated income of $237 billion

Make the right choice

Andy Erickson is the division director with Investors Group, Vernon. This article is provided for information purposes only.

GUEST COLUMN: Consider the modern family

Finances are challenging in the case of multiple marriages or common-law relationships

GUEST COLUMN: Options to consider

There are pros, cons and caveats to incorporation that might affect your decision.

GUEST COLUMN: Retirement in phases

These three phases of retirement aren’t necessarily linear

GUEST COLUMN: Manage your mortgage

Low interest rates may have you thinking about taking on more debt...

GUEST COLUMN: Retire your home

Are you prepared for the cost of getting your home ready to sell?

GUEST COLUMN: Manage your risk

Dynamic asset allocation takes asset allocation to another level.

GUEST COLUMN: Speaking of the cabin

There will be tax consequences if your leave the property to your children in your will

GUEST COLUMN: Starting young

You could spend money on a great vacation, a new car … or you could start investing in your retirement portfolio.

GUEST COLUMN: The wages of summer

Your child’s first summer job means new money in amounts they have never seen before.

GUEST COLUMN: Boomers in love

Many seniors enter into a second union after a divorce, separation, or the death of a partner.

GUEST COLUMN: Boomers in love

Financial considerations for those entering a second relationship.

GUEST COLUMN: Talking about TFSAs

Things you should know about tax-free savings accounts.

Holiday spending

Several tips to keep from overspending this holiday season.

GUEST COLUMN: Having the talk

Discussing health and financial planning with aging parents.

GUEST COLUMN: Consider your options

Andy Erickson touches on GICs and savings accounts

GUEST COLUMN: Wedding bill blues

Stick to your wedding budget, and use the opportunity to set other financial goals.

GUEST COLUMN: No tax haven

There could be a significant capital gains liability that could force your heirs to sell the cottage.

GUEST COLUMN: Pension issues to consider

If you are a member of a pension plan, you have some important decisions to make