Andre Carrel

Go ahead and raise my taxes

The school class size disaster and its fallout for students, indicates why taxes are necessary, notes writer.

In this case, words do matter greatly

With the ‘Welcome to Terrace’ sign now removed from its Thornhill location along Hwy16, debate continues as to its original purpose.

We can’t compete with the Malaysians

Malaysia outperforms Canada in macroeconomic environment, goods to market efficiency, and business sophistication and innovation.

Government ducking its duties for a new hospital

There’s a lot to worry about over the prospects of a new hospital for Terrace, B.C., not the least is government refusing to plan.

These government tests just do not add up

Columnist finds research that provides context for local students' apparent decline in math skills on FSA tests.

REM Lee Theatre facing ‘lamentable’ reality

"The REM Lee Theatre is the most important public building in Terrace"

Making a mockery of electoral reform

Columnist Andre Carrel warns against rushing into electoral reform too quickly

Terrace, B.C. council’s shelter no vote sends unwelcome message

"Examined philosophically, the vote speaks to the council members’ want of humanity and decency."

Why not use electric-powered school buses in northwestern BC

Terrace, BC columnist looks to example set by California school district

Neighbours: Terrace and Thornhill depend upon each other for a variety of reasons

This is the third in an occasional series to be published concerning the future of Thornhill

Thornhill: Ultimately the province will call the shots

The provincial government has the constitutional power and authority to do whatever it wants.

The debate over Thornhill’s future? That’s happened before

The first in an occasional series taking aim at Thornhill's quest to define its future considers the issue's familiar history

Preparation is key to dealing with calamities

A Family Day-style snow storm is just one of many possible calamities a community needs to consider in its emergency planning

A hearty thanks for paying your taxes

Terrace, B.C. columnist Andre Carrel reflects after receiving his property assessment notice

Like diamonds, amalgamation is forever

Much to consider when dealing with Thornhill's future

Court decisions fail to budge the government

Three consecutive court defeats were not enough to convince the government to revise its labour strategy.

Regional body must answer to locals

Northwestern B.C. alliance to share resource benefits a good idea

‘Audi Alteram Partem:’ hear the other side

How does one go about writing a newspaper column? Andre Carrel discusses his process

Full time mayor is more than a money issue

Whether sitting at home, out for a walk, shopping, or attending a council meeting, the mayor’s responsibilities rest with the incumbent 24/7

Government would set a troubling precedent

Province ignoring the courts in its dispute with teachers