Ana Macedo

Gary Moran: Putting the entertainment into agriculture

Gary and his team are busily preparing for the 12th annual Yard & Garden Show which is taking place at Chilliwack Heritage Park March 28-30.

Going green with Donna Gumprich

Donna Gumprich's goal is to help people move towards a healthier lifestyle while lightening the ecological footprint on Mother Earth

Gaining a global perspective with Michael Andress

Chilliwack's Michael Andress is a go-getter who enjoys new challenges.

Krista Butt: Keeping creative

Getting out of my hot car, I quickly walked into Cornerstone Gallery and was met by a sweet smile, a cool and comfortable environment and calming music, something that I readily welcomed amidst my hectic schedule. I introduced myself to Krista Butt, who immediately made me feel welcome and the interview began.

Joanne Huston: Getting it done

I’m sure that most of you have heard it said that “if…