Cam Reid receives the 2020 Jerry Bancks Award

Cameron Reid is the recipient of the Jerry Bancks Award for 2020. The award is given to the Selkirk Sports School athlete who "works to achieve excellence in their academic and athletic lives while being a positive influence and presence in their community."

When the sun was out it was hot, and then it was not

To say the weather on Tuesday June 30 was unsettled would be quite the understatement. While golfing the second and third holes which takes less than 10 minutes Deb Rainer wore shorts; put her long pants on over her shorts; put her jacket on; put on her rain pants; put on her rain coat and then took them all off (except the shorts) in reverse order. Lois McInnis took to using her beads to count Deb's changes instead of counting her strokes. When the sun was out it was hot. When it wasn't out it was not. We did, however, manage to play our round without getting excessively wet which is always a plus. When it came time to eat on the patio we were happy that there was no wind so we kept reasonably warm.

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