Permanent growth is unsustainable

Recent letter writer Neil Dawe has got it right. In his letter to the editor (The NEWS, Aug. 7), Dawe correctly identifies the folly of assuming that continued growth is good for us, as though the natural resources we depend upon will always provide our ever-expanding needs.

We know better. We know our natural resources are finite and cannot support limitless growth. So why are we being directed by those who espouse more and more growth?

Growth advocates may simply be hoping that water, for example, will always be there, in sufficient quantity to support continued growth. Just hoping won’t work. We can’t invent new water. So, why do so many of us fall in line and support this mad rush for more growth?

All our local governments have bought into the concept of sustainability, so why haven’t we seen evidence of this in recent decisions on growth and development? It makes one wonder just who is in control.

Actually, we all are, or should be. And we have some choices to make. We can ignore the realities of finite resources and continue to grow until nature says “enough,” and puts the hammer down — an unsustainable situation, and a most uncomfortable one for all of us.

Or, we can recognize our natural limitations and choose a more comfortable point at which we draw the line on population growth — one that can be sustainable, and much more comfortable. This is, or should be, our choice to make, but let’s not waste any more time in deciding what we want our future to be like. The pro-growth advocates are very persuasive, and we may have only one chance to get it right.

For those who still believe that we can continue to grow forever, think again. It won’t work. It’s simple arithmetic. Let’s instead chose a sustainable and comfortable future. Future generations will thank us for it.

Ross Peterson

Nanoose Bay

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