Students need to get a good education for a successful future

Editor: The B.C. Supreme Court ruled that there be a certain level of learning assitance in classrooms. This happened in April 2012 and January 2014, when it ruled as unconstitutional two statutes enacted by the BC Liberal government, which restricted teachers’ bargaining rights.

Money is being spent by the government by continually going back to the B.C. Supreme Court to dispute past rulings.

A good percantage of students in our public school system are not getting the education they need to equip themselves for the real world. Then a good number of them end up getting in trouble with the law.

Some cannot afford lawyers, and we as taxpayers end up paying for these lawyers.Then there are the judges, court staff, jail guards, vehicles and more buildings for courts and jails.

I cannot understand why the BC Liberal government is fighting against having a good level of teaching assistants in classrooms. I understand that is the hold-up in reaching a settlement in the teachers’ strike.

When people are sent to jail, we are again losing money through the loss of tax dollars that would go to government, if they had jobs.

When prisoners are institutionalized, then it costs more tax dollars.

In my career, I was a deputy sheriff. I remember bringing reading material to prisoners when I first started. By far the majority of these people would then rip up this material and throw it all over. Many of them plugged toilets with this ripped-up material.

I then asked them why they did this. Many indicated that I was trying to make fun of them, since they could not read. They told me they went through school but came out unable to read. That is when I first started to think that we needed more learning assistants in schools.

Premier Christy Clark sends her own child to a private school, and I cannot blame her. I do know that not everyone can afford to send their children to a private school.

Yes, I understand that we have to pay for what we get. I just do not want to pay to slow down our already-slow legal system, just to have fewer learning assistants in classrooms. We really need these teachers.

Now the BC Liberals are suggesting paying families to keep young people out of the public school system altogether.

Bill Taylor,


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