Recycling blues

I have been hearing and reading about the new blue box recycling program and I am appalled by the lack of thinking on not only the persons who dreamed up this idiotic idea, but also those who I overheard complaining about all of the controversy.

What's there to complain about, they say? Well, there is an old traditional saying, "Walk a mile in my shoes," and I ask all of you who wonder why there is controversy to do just that.

Think outside of the box for a change. I only wish the powers that be would do the same because they have caused a whirlwind of trouble for everyone.

Anyone, and I mean not just seniors, should hold on to a rail when descending or ascending the stairs. How can you carry a blue box which requires both hands and protect yourself from falling on those stairs?

Some seniors have to use a cane as well as hold on to the railings so they will have to get someone to carry the boxes for them. Try to pick up one of those boxes and carry it down a flight of stairs full of recycling material.

When winter comes, guess what happens on slippery stairs and sidewalks while trying to maneuver those blue boxes? It is so much easier to drag a plastic bag. I shudder to think of all of the injuries.

Seniors are not the only people with some form of disability so carrying a blue box any distance at all is difficult to say the least. We could drag a plastic bag and hold on to the railing and once it is delivered to the designated spot, it is picked up and you don't have the blue box to bring back to your abode.

The present changes to the recycling program also caused other problems because the locations for glass drop-off also quit being available so guess where the problem products are going now?

Our landfill will suffer a super increase in garbage and broken glass which could have been recycled. Not everyone has a vehicle to drive to the nearest drop-off centre.

I for one will be putting all of my recycling into the garbage if anything should happen to keep my husband from being able to deliver the blue box to the main road because I can't do it.

Also, many have been left out of this program so have no place to take their recycling or can't take their recycling to a designated drop-off so once more the landfill will increase in size.

Personally, I will take a second hard look at whom I will vote for in the next election.

Those in power now lack a great deal of insight.

If you thought our medical costs are an extravagant amount now, wait until the blue boxes cause injuries from people falling down stairs trying to get the blue boxes to the curb.


Betty Lucianovich, Enderby



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