Free transit day was a bust

What could be simpler than to provide a “Free Transit Day?”

After the screw ups made by those in charge of late, particularly the overpaid executives, a real apology was the least they could do.

What would have been better is if the whole executive team collectively fell on their swords, and resigned. This would have allowed their replacements to be hired at much more reasonable salaries.

Hello—free transit service means everybody and their dog is going to be using public transit, simply because it is free. So why in the name of God did they run the buses on a holiday schedule, when they should have known that many who do not normally use public transit, will use it, if it is free?

I blame the overpaid executives for not only the recent failures, but the mess they made of “Free Transit Day,” whom I’m betting couldn’t organize a decent piss-up at a brewery.

I personally waited, with my walker in tow, for the 49 bus on the corner of Maywood Street and Willingdon Avenue, and it was not long before it came along. But the driver informed me the bus was full, and I was going to have to wait for the next bus. I said okay and sat down in the 27C degree heat, to wait for the next bus. Sure enough after a time another bus did come along, and it stopped to let a passenger off, but the driver also told me the bus was full, and I was going to have to wait for another bus.

Having already waited in the heat for not one, but two buses to come along, I was insistent, and told him the last driver told me the same thing. He relented and let me on, but I had to stand at the front of the bus holding onto my walker.

I told the driver I did not blame him, I blame those who planned this.

Where were the articulated buses that would have relieved much of the crowding on a Free Transit Day? They advertised it like they were doing us a favour, and not that they owed us an apology. And what about the thousands who purchased monthly passes, how were they compensated for those service disruptions, and their inconvenience?

If TransLink was going to offer a Free Transit Day, they should have gone all out, and ran the buses as if were a regular weekday.

I am thoroughly disgusted with the service. I don’t blame the operators, I blame the bean-counters and data-wienies who make all of the asinine decisions.

Wayne McQueen


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