Letter: Does democracy benefit from child deaths?

To the editor:

Re: Ukraine Situation: Still doing business with renegade Putin (July 29, Capital News).

I am afraid that Mr. Peter Bihun misunderstood the genuine meaning of my letter. (No Such Thing As A Winning Side in Any War, July 24 Capital News.) I wrote the letter to voice my opinion on the never ending atrocities that wars, any wars, inflict on innocent victims.

In my opinion there are no winners, only losers, in any conflict that results in death and unnecessary suffering. I understand that the majority of humans would disagree with me, otherwise the world would, by now, be practising peace instead of seeking brutality.

People cannot deny this fact: that the recent troubles in eastern Ukraine and Palestine are the result of their support for these atrocities, otherwise they would be pressuring their leaders to bring an end to them.

Mr. Bihun, humans could argue for eons about who is at fault on both sides of conflict, that is the main reason why wars are still a common practise among nations. The point is that humanity has gone through enough atrocities caused by wars, and now is the time to not point fingers at one another, but to find solutions to this human dilemma that has plagued humanity for centuries. We should all be saying: “Enough is enough.”

Our leaders are corrupt and out of touch with humanity, and they seek only to benefit their own kind; wars have always brought big business for corporations. They also are experts in creating situations that divide people because then they are easier to manage.

I will always speak against those who support the murder of children, simply because I do respect life with all my heart. It is truly sad that so-called civilized adults, and our political puppets are still in denial—believing that by supporting death for children now their actions will be creating democracy for the next generation.

Monika Hudecova,



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