LETTER: Nothing good to say? Just don’t say anything at all

Having graduated from here, raised my family here, I can truthfully say the people here are some of the most amazing people in the world.

In the last few weeks, Abotsford has become very busy news-wise, and shooting the events as a videographer lets me see some very good things and some very bad things.

First, the good: The first responders in this community are some of the best in the world. They have a tough job and deserve your respect. I am truly grateful for the job each and every one of them does day in and day out.

Now the bad: Parents, please teach your children some respect. Having to listen to some very immature little girls, yelling “Rest in peace!” and “I hope you don’t die!” as a strong tough lady fighting for her life is wheeled to the helicopter is not cool.

For people that come to see the helicopter land, remember there is a person on the stretcher that can hear you and needs support, not more stress.

Secondly, the Abbotsford Police Department members do a tough job keeping the city streets safe and having to deal with ignorant people who don’t understand the stress these hard-working members are under.

If you don’t have anything good to say, just don’t say anything at all, instead of telling a member over and over again that they are wasting taxpayers’ money with the trucks idling and the roads blocked. This after having a shooting with a possible suspect in a house – all the while in the back of their heads remembering what happened back east when two brave members died.

Of course, they are going to do everything by the book, and for the next while that book is going to be tightened up.

If you want to watch the show, leave the members alone.

I think many out here have forgotten what it was like during the gang-war days.

Times have changed and the police have to do things by the book, so if a little traffic disruption ruins your day, put your big-boy pants on and suck it up.

Life is way too short to stress over the little things.

Thanks to the emergency personnel out there for everything you do each and every day.

The Crazy Newshound

Kevin MacDonald


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