Letter: No such thing as a winning side in any war

To the editor:

Have you ever wondered what it would take for humanity to finally end the senseless suffering that wars have been waging on innocent people? Is it possible that humans have been wired to seek conflict on purpose in order to create turmoil? Are humans addicted to wars despite the fact that humans top the list of the most intelligent species on planet Earth? Shouldn’t highly intelligent species have evolved by now into a thriving peaceful species that seeks to benefit all?

The recent crisis in Ukraine has illustrated the fact that humans are possibly not capable of achieving global peace. The Ukrainian Western-backed government has been shelling civilians and residential neighbourhoods in the Eastern regions of Ukraine, such as Donetsk and Lugansk, for over two months now. The real tragedies of the bombing of civilians has had very little coverage on local and international news.

The biased reporting on the situation in Ukraine has failed to mention that Eastern Ukrainians are specifically targeted and not the pro-Russian fighters as has been suggested by the Kiev government. With almost 500 civilian casualties, including seven children, this is a full-blown genocidal operation which has been fully supported by NATO. I might add that Prime Minister Harper is also supporting the actions of the Ukrainian government.

In one of his speeches, Petr Poroshenko, the Ukrainian president, called the Eastern Ukrainians “subhuman parasites.” In one of Hitler’s speeches, Hitler stated that: “Ethnic parasites are a threat to the fatherland.” Poroshenko has also made a comment that once the current inhabitants are cleansed from the Eastern part of Ukraine, the land will be given to the pro-Kiev soldiers who are fighting against the pro-Russian separatists. A true leader, including Mr. Harper, should always be encouraging peace, understanding and compassion to his followers including the global community, not violence.

The shameful cover up of the real situation that is occurring in Eastern Ukraine by the mainstream media is truly disgraceful. This is another example of how useless the media is in reporting horrific atrocities that are taking place in many countries including Palestine and Ukraine. When the media finally broke the silence on the genocidal atrocities in Rwanda in 1994, almost 800,000 people had already been slaughtered. Is the media, and the global community, waiting for that to transpire in Eastern Ukraine and Palestine?

Imposing an information blockade on horrific events in war zones will only escalate the violence, just like it did in Rwanda. Additionally, the lack of much needed help from the international humanitarian organizations will only intensify the suffering of the helpless victims. There are thousands of people in need of help right now.

Why do such organizations have a double standard? Are Ukrainian and Palestinian children not worth the help?

Over 100,000 Ukrainians have fled to Russia as a result of the senseless conflict and the death toll in Gaza has continued to rise. And the recent missile attack on Malaysia airline passenger jet over Eastern Ukraine is another low point for humanity.

Has this world gone truly mad? Women make up the one half of the human population and are responsible for bringing all human life to this planet. It’s about time that everyone started respecting all life. Remember that there have always been only losers on both sides of war.



Monika Hudecova,



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