Taxpayers should not tolerate shroud of secrecy within CVRD

Dear editor,

What on earth is going on at the Comox Valley Regional District headquarters?

Five figure numbers for a legal settlement that the public has absolutely no information on. Are the two most senior people involved in a human rights abuse complaint?

If so, the elected official should resign and the hired official be fired. We are experiencing secret meetings and decisions, where is the transparency?

The two officials, Edwin Grieve and chief administrative officer Deb Oakman, are not attending any meetings regarding the 3L application.

The CVRD spokesperson claims that the decision of the Grieve and Oakman removal from 3L discussions is “a private matter.”

Just a minute, these people are public officials, not private individuals. If they are acting in their public capacity, those actions should therefore be public knowledge. If their actions cause a cost to the taxpayers, then the taxpayer has a right to know how their tax dollars are being wasted.

If this is a private matter as they claim, then they should be footing the costs themselves, not the taxpayer.

The act of the chairman using an unelected individual as a surrogate stand-in (alternate) to vote on the 3L application, places the whole vote by the board in question.

Board members are elected and have to swear an oath of office to take their seats. With no disrespect to the stand-in (Curtis Scoville), I think that Edwin Grieve could have used a monkey with a sign saying “I vote no” around its neck as a stand-in.

Our members of parliament are not allowed to use surrogate stand-ins, why is the CVRD setting new undemocratic rules and standards?

I am tired of the ever increasing taxation levels, bloated salaries to representatives and senior staff, the undemocratic alternate approval process, secret meetings, elected officials extending their time in office, etc.

Chris Miles

Black Creek


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