Letter: Police nab yard workers at landfill bottleneck

To the editor:

I own a local contracting landscape company, requiring me and my staff to frequent the Glenmore dump often.

On a recent trip to the dump with the clippings from a job-site, I was shocked to see the RCMP had a man with a pickup truck and trailer pulled over to the side of the road near the entrance.

I entered the line up to go in, and was waiting along with everyone else, when another man with a pickup truck and trailer was pulled over on his way out of the dump.

So, I watched as the police questioned the man driving. It was apparent that an argument was occurring with waving of arms.

The man’s passenger was ordered out of the vehicle and the police called for assistance.  Within seconds a second police cruiser pulled up with sirens blazing. Another minute passed and a third cruiser came, again sirens blazing.

As you can imagine, quite the show for the people waiting in line to go into the dump.

As I was unloading my trailer, the man that had been pulled over at the entrance came beside me. He told me that the police had pulled him over because his brake light didn’t come on.  Upon investigation, he wiggled the wire at the back, and behold, there was light.  Lucky him.

My thoughts went back to the man leaving the dump. Were his lights not working?

This man, as it turned out, got angry and defiant. Not a great idea to do when confronted by our valued RCMP, but understandable.

First of all, what are they doing there? Surely, they are needed somewhere else in our community.

As far as I am concerned this is a blatant money grab, from people going about their daily lives and keeping our beautiful city clean.

Beware citizens. Once you turn onto the road to the entrance to the dump you are caught. There is no way out.

Really? Come on cops. Find something better to do with your time.


Anonymity requested: “I really

don’t need the hassle from the police. Business is tough enough.”



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