LETTER: Raceway noise adds to stress

The peace and quiet so far this summer without Mission Raceway Park up and running is something to celebrate. And celebrate it I do each time I'm outside, whether at home in the yard working or doing my business around town.

Every year we go through a spat of letters both pro and con dealing with the raceway. There are those who have this idea that their fun should come at the expense of a greatly reduced quality of life that us saner people expect from our personal environment. I simply refuse to accept that I, and others, have to subsidize anyone's puerile interests in noisy, shiny things with our ear drums and shattered nerves.

I have science on my side against the tracks for the noise unnecessarily adding to the stress of modern life. What I don't have on my side are politicians and other officials not willing to confront the track and tell it to shut out the worst offenders from its site or just pick up shop and leave.

In science I trust will become something of a theme in upcoming letters. So hang on, it may be a bumpy ride as nothing is so sacred that it can't be criticized and that includes the racetracks which some people view as a sort of sacred cow that can't be roasted.

Robert T. Rock


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