Save the planet? Yeah, right...


Have you ever considered the sanctimonious aggression of thinking we can save the planet?

The late George Carlin, comedian, had a keen sense of perspective who could see the irony in the eco-saving mantra, so he included an intriguing satire of it in his act which was a big hit even with the younger college crowd.

His stand-up act went something like this...

“The arrogance of thinking we can save the Planet”.

-  The planet has been here for some 4.5 billion years.

-  We have only been engaged in heavy industry for about 200 years.

-  And we have the conceit to think that somehow we are a threat?

-  The planet has been through all kinds of things a lot worse than us humans.

It’s been through:

- billions of years of bombardment with comets, asteroids and meteors

- continental drift, plate tectonics creating mountain ranges

- volcanoes, volcanic ash

- earthquakes, tidal waves

- sun spots, solar flares, cosmic rays

- magnetic reversal of the polls, magnetic storms

- worldwide floods, hurricanes, tornadoes

- worldwide wild-fires

- recurring ice age cycles, global warming, global cooling

- landslides, erosion, glacial till.

And we think some plastic bags and some aluminum cans are going to make a difference?

The planet is fine, it isn’t going anywhere, we are!

The planet will be here for a long long time after we are gone. It will heal and cleans itself because that’s what it does, it’s a self-correcting system.

R.I.P. George C.

You could add a few things to his bags and cans, like extracting, transporting some minerals and oil or cutting some renewable trees, etc. is going to make a difference?

Roland Seguin, Langley

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