Letter: Class room comparison: 12 years ago to now

To the editor:

I’m getting annoyed by the teacher bashing I have endured this past while. So I wanted to run the numbers:

• 12 years ago: We had state of the art schools, with state of the art technology. Now: We have mould problems, leaning walls, faulty lights and have to share 14 computers among 400 students four projectors among 16 classrooms, two TVs among 18 classes/programs, and textbooks that haven’t been updated since 1999. But hey, we have the Internet now right? It would be nice to get a computer.

• 12 years ago: There was an EA (educational assistant) in each classroom to help students in need. Now: There are two that have to divide their time between 16 classrooms. Taking in account lunch times, and breaks that means I can get and EA for about 15 minutes every second day. What can you get done with a kid in 15 minutes?

• 12 years ago the rates of child poverty ran about 2 per cent, now they run between 10 to 15 per cent depending on region. So out of a class with 30 kids, five come to school hungry, five don’t have lunches, five don’t have proper clothing/shoes and five don’t have school supplies. Today we feed our students and give them school supplies with our own money because the government has cut funding to programs. You try going all day without eating. How cranky are you?

People say it is all about the money and that I am a glorified babysitter. Well then, pay me like a babysitter. Let’s see, 30 kids in a classroom, $5 per kid/hr  =  $150/hr so that is $750 per day—$15,000 per month. Versus what I get paid: 85 cents per kid/hr.

I don’t do this job for the money, I do it for the kids.

Holly Kaye,


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