Letter: Recycling rules ‘ridiculous and insulting’

To the editor:

What is this garbage about recycling? I received a handy little recycling guide in the mail and saw the headline, “Recycle More” and got quite excited. Then I read it. So let me get this straight;

I can recycle the outer sleeve of my cheese slices but not the individual wrap on each piece of cheese?

My blue ‘recycling bags’ are in fact not recyclable.

My polystyrene meat trays are recycling but not the little absorbent pad that sits under the meat.

My grocery bags that are made of plastic, my plastic wrap and my bubble wrap are not recyclable anymore even though they have been for 50 years.

My Ziplock bags are now all of a sudden not recyclable. They’re made of 100 per cent plastic—even the zipper.

My Tetra Paks, with the waxy coating are recycling but the little plastic straw is not.

Frozen juice containers, even with the metal lids, are recyclable but not the cardboard soup bowls with metal lids.

Tin cans are but lids have to be attached.

Plastic-coated frozen food packages are recyclable even if plastic coated .

I counted 28 items with an ‘X’ next to them which means that they are not recyclable and 27 items with a check mark which means that they are recyclable. So only 50 per cent of our garbage can go into the blue bins and the rest must be sorted through and divided up into separate piles.

Really? If they think that the general public is going to make a career out of sorting out their recycling like this they must be from Mars. This is merely going to create more garbage which is obviously their goal.

How utterly ridiculous and absolutely insulting. This seems like yet another incredible waste of taxpayers’ money. If I wasn’t so livid about our government already, I may have been able to chuckle about this but, this is insane.

I would have to take a day off work to drive down to the depot to sort out my recycling when all along I was under the assumption that our taxes were taking care of this.

Well, you know what they say about never assuming?

I have to go now, and separate my huge bag of multi-coloured styrofoam peanuts because they will only accept white and coloured separately—yeah right.

Denise Brass,



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