Letter: Those who speak up ‘irritate hell' out of corporations

To the editor:

In  his letter “World is beating path to our shores for oil”, Mr. Brian Mellis commented that the facts presented in  Ms. Varga’s letter were based on paranoia. In another of his observations he noticed that  a majority of Canadians are being FORCED to watch on the news the chanting and drum beating groups of protesters who oppose the Northern Gateway project.

I am not sure if Mellis is aware that, not only did he insult the intelligence of Ms. Varga’s well researched letter, but he also insulted the First Nations people who choose to protest peacefully during  drum beating ceremonies as it is in their tradition to protest with wisdom and peace  instead of violence. Not all people are honest in their intentions, Mr. Mellis, and therefore it is crucial to question those whose actions could lead to disastrous outcomes. It should be mandatory for everyone, those who are in the process of planning the NG project(or any other projects) and those affected by it,  to ask as many “what if” questions.

Mr. Mellis also seems to have a lot of faith in human technological advances, he even went as far as to label them as “quantum leaps in technology”, which in my opinion is an exaggeration.  Unfortunately, when  humans think with their narcissistic mind, their illusionary image of themselves being represented by “the greatest thing that ever happened to Earth”,  gets in their way of thinking objectively. To give you an example,  when the Deepwater Horizon explosion occurred in the Gulf of Mexico in 2010, our highly educated and technological advanced humans were called in to take care of the mess that they themselves created. With the help of their brilliant minds they covered the oil slick with enough of Corexit dispersant and waited until the whole mess disappeared to the bottom of the sea. Were  “what if” questions asked before the DH drilling project went ahead?

After the Fukushima nuclear plant disaster, more of our human experts were called in to clean up another devastating  mess of mass proportions. To this day, the  experts are still trying to think of a way to tackle the problem successfully. Recently, they  tried to build an ice wall designed to freeze the ground and to stop the radioactive water reaching groundwater. This too seems to be unsuccessful. Were the right  “what if” questions ever asked by those brilliant minds behind the discovery of nuclear power energy?

Fracking the hell out of the Earth is another wonderful technological advancement in human history. Hydraulic fracturing involves the injection of enormous amounts of liquid underground for the extraction of oil and gas. The liquid being used is water and chemicals, such as hydrochloric acid, acetic acid etc.  Eventually most of this toxic  chemical slur ends up in the groundwater. Earthquakes and possibly landslides, like the 4 mile long landslide that occurred in Colorado last May  (the area affected had a major fracking operation on site) are other  side effects  of fracking, but then I guess our “quantum leaps in technology” experts forgot to ask themselves the questions “WHAT IF”.

In addition, climate engineering  is being used to fight the global warming fraud that our experts had invented. According to the experts, geoengineering is used to reduce solar radiation from reaching the Earth which significantly affects photosynthesis. The chemicals that are being used to spray our skies are toxic nanoparticles of Aluminum, Sulfate, Barium, which eventually make it into our water system. I think you, Mr. Mellis, should drink to that with a tall glass of tap water. For more information on geoengineering, I would suggest people check out a testimony of Dr. Rosalind Peterson at a UN conference.

Genetically modified organisms are another amazing discovery that we have our educated scientists to thank for in North America. Most European countries, including Russia, have strict laws against the sale of GMO, and that also includes the use of smart meter technology on its citizens. What does that say about our smiling corporate owned government? Maybe we should start asking who truly benefits from these projects.

Mr. Mellis, it is true that majority of Canadians have been silent on many projects that our talented scientists with the support of our government have managed to get approved, but in no way that they have ever been silenced to speak. People in this country  choose to be silent because they are too busy to notice what is happening in their backyard; it has always been a choice for people to keep silent. And then there are those who choose to be active in their critical thinking, and those are the ones that irritate the hell out of multi-billion dollar corporations.

Monika Hudecova,




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