International students weigh in on teachers' strike

Editor: I’m an international student from Korea. If summer school is cancelled, all international students in my graduate year will be set back. Also, our money will disappear too.

On the day after summer school completion, I planned to return to my home country. Due to the strike, my plans are up in the air. I am in limbo because there are no airplane tickets available.

The June to August season is summer vacation time. Therefore, international students go back to their country during this time. If the summer school is cancelled, we cannot move the date of the airplane ticket.

The students who came to Canada late in the year might not graduate on their original graduation date. These students are set back a year because they cannot get their required courses on time. Many of them planned to take these required courses during summer school. If it is cancelled, they will be set back a year, waiting for the following year when the course is being offered.

They don’t want to take just one class at a time. It is a waste of time. Time doesn’t wait for anyone.

Yejin Kim, Grade 9 Student,



Editor: The first time I heard about the teacher strike, I had a positive feeling about it.  I thought it would be a huge break.

I also support the teachers for smaller class sizes, because it is a problem. For example, in my science class, there are approximately 30 students. According to my science teacher, the science lab can only hold a maximum of 15. Perhaps the government should hire more teachers to keep the class sizes smaller.

I believe that the government should change the students’ working environment to help them concentrate on their work. Also, the government and the teachers should stop the strike to allow the students to thrive.

The most inconvenient thing for the international student is the summer school problem. The majority of international students, myself included, attend summer school. If the teacher strike continues longer, the only thing we can do is just wait.

Most of us do really care about the grades, because we came to Canada to be educated, not just to wait for the end of the teacher strike and doing nothing. For me, I am just sitting on my couch reading my books.

Also, I’m paying for this education ($80/day) but, because of the teacher strike, all international students have wasted perhaps $1,200 already ($80 over 15 days). I hope they stop the strike and also start the summer school, and not waste students’ important time.

Gavin Oh,



Editor: First of all, thank you for publishing my previous letter in the June 24 Times, with my opinion of the teachers’ strike from an international student’s perspective. I would like to address another issue, besides just the $80/day fee that we are losing.

It’s wasted time. I don’t know whether summer school will happen or not because of the teachers strike. I need to take summer school because as an international student, I have to take more classes to graduate at the same level as other Canadian students. The strike needs to be resolved quickly for students like me, as we need to make alternate plans for the summer if classes are cancelled.

I don’t want to just sit and wait for this decision to be made. Please tell us what we can do. If summer school is cancelled, my grade 12 graduation will probably be delayed as well.


Jinseok Kim,

Grade 10 student,

Langley Fundamental School

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