Don’t be fooled by false gods

Congratulations! I could hardly believe my eyes that a newspaper would print such a clear cutting  analysis of what has been going on. It is as though the media has thought their job was to hold a curtain in front of Oz.

The letter held such a roll call of beautiful phrases: “Emergence of sociopaths in positions of near absolute power.”

“No sky-hook to rescue us.”

“Mandatory psychological testing of all candidates, with stringent passing standards.”

“Not going to be contributions from the failed priesthoods of religion and economics.”

The letter was full of strong images and it is time we got used to them and started using them.

Canadians have acquiesced to being led around by the nose for too long.

It is time to challenge the false gods of religion, economics (and, may I add, sports).

Invented gods may help us feel good for a time, but they do not prepare us to handle the urgent issues we are facing now.

Kathleen Stewart

Oak Bay


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