LETTERS: Governments favour gas companies

Gas prices are loitering around $1.50 per litre This in a country that should be self-sufficient when it comes to oil and gas. What is the problem and what can be done to rectify the situation?

The easiest solution would be to elect a government that listens to the people rather than the oil industry.

The oil companies say their costs have soared, but this does not explain why the profits enjoyed by the oil companies are at an all-time high.

It is time governments showed some backbone and put a limit on profits; not expenses versus profits explained by accountants hired by the oil industry, but by independent auditors that would tell the truth. Figures are meant to be manipulated and the oil industries are experts.

There is more oil in Canada than can be produced in a 100 years, but there is not enough refining to accommodate the needs of the travelling public and this brings about what could be called artificial supply, another term for manipulating the public. Keep refining low to keep prices high.

The government is always ready to give big business tax breaks, but why not give the oil industry something that will benefit the public?

Donald E Thorsteinson



Politicians putting earth at risk

When you hear politicians, business men, economists and media pundits talk about the need for economic growth what they’re stating is an article of faith. You cannot have infinite economic growth and development on a finite planet.

We sacrifice children in factories or open pit mines to help make your smartphone. We sacrifice soil, fresh water, animals and fish stocks so they can end up in our supermarkets. We cut off the tops of mountains, strip mine the boreal forest and hydraulic frac water tables to help fuel all this destruction. We use the atmosphere and oceans as sewers for all our excess waste. All this destruction so we can grow the GDP and the economy such that these abstractions are the source of our wealth and not the natural world. When our descendants look back at all the damage we have done in the name of economic growth they’re going to pity and curse us for our stupidity.

Just remember that the next time you hear some pundit or politician on the radio or TV talking about the need for economic growth. Maybe think of your kids or grandkids and ask yourself, Am I willing to sacrifice their future on the altar of economic growth? No? Then start calling these people out on their nonsense and start believing in the alternatives.

Cody Young



Hospital staff steps up

I read in the Western News yesterday about a family whose father was, in their opinion, discharged early from Penticton hospital.  My deepest sympathies to the family on the loss of their father. I, on the other hand, had a totally opposite experience at the same hospital. A month ago I had a colonoscopy at Kelowna Hospital.  I was on Warfarin (blood thinner) and had to stop taking it 3 to 4 days ahead of the procedure. Like a fool, I didn’t read the doctor’s after-procedure instructions properly, and started taking Warfarin the next day. Nine days later, at 9 p.m. I began having blood in my stools.  We went to emergency and they took me in right away, and gave me Vitamin K to make my blood clot.  Five hours later they moved me up to a ward and that afternoon the surgeon did another procedure and all seemed well. But during the time I was bleeding, I lost one-third of my blood volume. After two days the surgeon said I could be discharged, but when my nurse,  Cathy, took a look at me, she said I should not go. I hate hospitals. because I spent five years in hospitals with TB and Polio. This scared me and I thanked Cathy for caring enough about me to call the surgeon, and he kept me in another day, and I felt much better. The staff were all fantastic and very caring.

Gordon Dunne



Community fund for community

It has been encouraging that so many folks in Keremeos, Olalla, Hedley, Chopaka and Cawston  have picked up their tickets to the first ever fundraising event for the Community Fund of the Lower Similkameen.The fundraising dinner is May 3 at The Branding Iron Bar and Grill in Keremeos.  There will be music and light entertainment as well as a choice of three different dinner courses.  Tickets are $25 at Cawston Marketplace, The Grist Mill, Similkameen Agencies and the Branding Iron.

The local committee was formed last year to pull together a kind of community chest from which local groups could draw funds to back projects and programs in our area. Community organizations that may be in line for grant funding from government or some private charities may now partner with the local community fund. It is critical to win the confidence of potential contributors and thereby increase the size of the fund.  The more money in, the more community work happens.

Contributions will be tax creditable.  Bequests are welcome. You can find out more online at www.cfso.net.

Dave Curson


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