Letters: Molson Coors were invited

Molson Coors were invited

(re: Vimy Ridge not on tap, Editorial, Western News, April 11)

It is ironic that in the editorial regarding Vimy Ridge Day, seemed to dwell on  Molson-Coors  and their audacity in promoting a new beer at Anavets on that day. Most editorials in the past seem to be objective in nature and based on fact or first hand knowledge. This editorial, seems to have missed the mark

The fact of the matter is that no one in the know would disagree with the fact that Vimy Ridge was one of the fiercest  battles that Canadians had ever encountered. Thousands of lives were lost and hundreds of injuries were sustained. It was the first real foray by Canadians.

If your source had done due diligence and had been at the unit at the start of things, the significance of the day with respect to veterans on Vimy Ridge Day was pointed out. A tribute to the veterans through a toast to them by all members in attendance after two minutes of silence would have been observed.

Finally, your source would have seen the toast to her majesty the Queen and to Unit 97 Anavets.

An attendee spoke to me after the toast was given. He said it gave him an opportunity to reflect in thought and to be thankful that his grandfather had fought in the Vimy Ridge battle. He did so to protect what we, as Canadians, now hold dear. He went on to say,  “My grandfather  never talked about the sacrifices made and I never asked.  I just knew.”

It is unfortunate that it appears that your source seemed to miss all of this and, as a result, took Molson-Coors to task for what was alluded to as disrespect for the day and for veterans and their relatives. Without the support and generosity of Molson-Coors we could not have offered our members and guests the opportunity to raise a glass in a toast to those veterans who gave so much, so we can live in a country that allows free speech. It is unfortunate that your source didn’t check with any unit executive member to get more factual information as this may have set a different tone.

We were the ones who suggested that Molson-Coors launch their beer on that day, not Molson-Coors. If it was, as your editorial suggested, an inappropriate way to commemorate  the battle that defined our nation, we apologize, All we can say in our defence is every year on this date we  remember them.

Ron Barillaro

President, Unit 97 ANAVETS, Penticton


Soldiers deserve our support

Suicides have claimed the lives of 13 of our military in the last year. There is something terribly wrong when living becomes so impossible that these brave individuals take their own lives after serving in foreign countries. Our government, has failed these brave service people in their hour of need.

What went wrong? Were they not properly informed of the terrible mess they might encounter in a country where lives do not seem to matter. IEDs and suicide bombings are commonplace in Afghanistan where NATO forces are seen as intruders. Once again our men and women are being sent into volatile regions as peacekeepers when there is no peace. They are soldiers being asked to act as police, and sometimes they are being asked to enter communities unarmed when they see atrocities being committed by the very people that they are supposed to protect. Our military are there to protect us, but it is our responsibility to protect them as well.

Donald E Thorsteinson



NHL full of hooliganism

Watch the Canadian women’s Olympic hockey team in action if you want to enjoy hockey played with skill and talent. You won’t see this with some of the overpaid oafs in the NHL with their cowardly violence.

Ultimately the NHL may mercifully be replaced by soccer. Regardless who soccer players are or where they hail from,they always have a ball.

Joe Schwarz



WestJet deal lacks transparency

Why was there no open request for proposals from the city to all licensed airline operators to offer Calgary service?

When there is a major commitment of public monies, there is supposed to be transparency and accountability for value for money. Where is the comparative value for money in the City of Penticton’s council and senior staff’s awarding of hundreds of thousands of city tax monies to WestJet?

Why the secrecy of the supposed negotiations, is this a sweetheart backroom deal? Were other airlines offered the chance to review the Calgary connection in the new light of hundreds of thousands of public dollars in incentives? If they weren’t offered the chance, why not? Why did city council act in a way prejudicial to the chances of the charter company who put it on the line to offer weekend Calgary connections?

Alan Campbell




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